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  1. Hi Guys, i bought the full set of nolathane bushings for my R33 RWD sedan. today when trying to install the lower control arm inner bushing kit number 45465, the bushing is 1mm bigger in diameter than the hold on the arm. I understand that it should be max of .3mm to allow the press fit. Anyone used this kit on their 33 or any other series. since most of them RWD share the same lower control arm. views comments appriciated.
  2. would anyone be able to confirm if the following are same the guys in the workshop misplaced the rear sub frame for my R33. 1. is the R33 4 door rear subframe same as the C33 Laurel one. I have access to one for a Laurel but need confirmation before I dismantle. 2. would the A31/ S13 front ball joint be the same for the RWD R33 ones
  3. Thanks.. that was the front end this is the rear. I will keep updating as I progress. Spares is an issue here so progressing slowly. any suggestions for the build will be appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a 4 door 33. getting a full rebuild done. We dont have many skylines in Fiji so restoring mine. Some pics of the work in progress. Had quote a bit of rust in the boot well and front wiper area...replaced the bootwell and beaver panels. At the same time doing a manual conversion.
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