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  1. Yep everything else functions fine. Key is All good locks, windows, mirrors and all the rest just those problems atm. Man u could be right because that's exactly what's not working. Also the paddleshift stopped same time. Not sure if those are connected to dash gauges and clusters etc. But I'll get a pic up of the dash coz I can't find a white module above the head unit??? Thanks for the info. How would I go about fixing?
  2. Yeah I've gone through and checked all fuses in fuse box and in engine next to battery but they seem to be fine. I got the translate app to translate from jap to English. Q. Are there any other fuse or relays I haven't checked or knew existed located in car apart from the obvious?
  3. Sup fam, Can anyone help plz!! So my 07 v36 350gt started acting funny yesterday. Turned the car on and clusters, petrol gauge and temp gauge isn't working. Then went to shift out of park but shift lock wont release. Aaaaand theeeeen🤯🤯, went to turn on aircon and that too is not working... just wondering if any body has had any similar issues and how you went about fixing it. Any info would be much appreciated... might have to change my username to juice box now 😂😂😂 Thanks
  4. Hahaha yea I've got coil overs installed. Dont want to complain to the council In case they charge me for scraping paint of they're speedbumps lol.
  5. Newbie from brisbane, Australia, with a v36 scraping every speed bump in Ipswich lol
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