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  1. Hi Guys. I'm searching information about stock,factory tint in R34. Does Skylines,especially Vspec models ever had ALL windows tinted before worldwide amendment when all automakers decided to tint every window in every car after 2000s? . I assume Nissan did it in 2001 and later,but 1999 and 2000 is under question mark,at least for me.Im talking about factory window tint regarding to all windows which fits in law regulations.If you know something about it,im listening,especially how much percentage it was tinted regarding skylines. Greets.
  2. Thanks guys.I have to sleep with these few more nights and i will come out with the best solution..Stay safe. Cheers.
  3. So,you suggest literally new tech like G series?- G25-660 for my situation??
  4. GTSBoy - but from what've read,3582R is the fastest spooler of them all,and that was my question of the topic.Older has to mean shieet right of the bat ?? Dose pipe Stutu-thanks man a lot.I didnt' know about these guys at all..
  5. Thanks Kinkstaah.I have gt3582r in mind because it fits my power goals and what i have read,spools faster than the most turbos in that horsepower rate. " So why choose old tech turbo? Makes no sense at all. It's 2020, not1998 "- Im not just the guy who forgets good old parts.I take everything into consideration.
  6. niZmo- at least t04z is more responsive than t51r in that kind of rpm range i will stick with. Ben34- Not exactly.If my main goal was to aim the sound only,i wouldn't go 650 hp.This is not just track use car,and the project will be top notch pure perfection so every detail has to be on the best level i can reach because thats what I want.
  7. Hi fellas. Quick and ably. As far as the only turbo goes,not including my mods besides the fact the target is up to 650 hp. Which turbo from Garret series will be better solution (if any is) for this horsepower range,for street driving to achieve faster spool (not track use as you see,just have good fun when you drive with quicker appearing spool sound) than T04z being in the same loundess range. I read about gt35 gtx35 and gt40,but still I should ask someone with more experience before I let my money disappear. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance for replies.
  8. Thank You for reply,but im waiting for gts-t reply.Problem is that he hasn't been active for very long time and he didn't read my message yet...
  9. Hi guys.Im currently at searching and thinking about how to achieve the original,light bayside blue colour with the perfect or the closest match.Do you have any idea guys how to get that result? (how many layers of base coat,top coat,and clear ,and what colour use as the base coat.Few guys on yt used white as base,so i have to ask.) Secondly is the top called TV2 and only this type is considered to get it right?? Thank you bro's for replies in advance.
  10. I wanted to say earlier of course,one and unique if no one ever did this the best way possible,because if so,i will be next,but as i saw on the internet,people are giving up and accepting that con of multiplate.I have will for 10 years now,and money to do perfect project,so don't judge me for that,and my detailed needs..If the rattle cannot be solved totally,im talking of course about lowering the noise to the minimum.However i cannot help myself in 100% because its not my knowledge field,thats why choose you guys to help me,what to do.
  11. In my situation,i could use single plate because of the soft and sensible style of drive I prefer . If this car with single plate would be used by a guy who need high rpms,reving,launch control all the time and burnout lovers,of course it would crack to the lil pieces in a week.Yesterday i did some new calculations what the project is gonna be in power matter.Stock r34 clutch,as i heard,holds up to around 500-550 hp.Primary I estimated my power for 550-570hp.So i knew i could use aftermarket single,but as I wrote,twin would be better if I could solve the rattle problem. After second calculation that i said above it will be 600-650hp so now i know exactly,that i need twin plate. Its not a obsession joshua.I just want to be one,unique son of a *itch who could cope with that problem the best way possible,even if it takes to spend huge amount of money.Thats the respect i give to this car lets say. .Everything to the perfection.
  12. This topic is great because a lot of people now will get a lot of info for them.I'm getting wiser at least and im happy for that,because definitely it isn't my enviroment in car modifications.I will answer like this for all your replies: -Yes,im doing my research by asking skyline owners with experiences in clutches matter,because thats how im gonna choose the BEST one. -My driving style and attitude is standard,normal,mild,to have a great time with car on lower and higher rpms,but still ,non beating the engine on high rpms,but definitetly my build need aftermarket clutch.Not stock.It can be single considering my style,but if it can be non rattle twin,thats the best thing right here. -Im looking ONLY for NON RATTLE situation(especially on idle) when clutch still being smooth and light for street use. -I was preparing my project/budget for a long time,so i can afford for very,very expensive clutch in that regard. So that being said - lets have a "sum up" meeting right here,and im asking for direct/straightforward recommendations considering my "rules and needs" included in that reply.
  13. Wow,thats a lot info BK.thanks. I will say,i will do a lot to have quiet clutch/transmission.When you said "full face organic single plate, cushioned, sprung centre using the standard dual mass flywheel with an upgraded pressure plate",you meant,its gonna be custom private work,or they are on the market right now? If they are,what are the models? Secondly,as you know by my reply above to Joshua,I can afford carbon clutch.Thats the second solution.
  14. Lets put it like this Joshua. First: My build its not a try somethin stuff,but still thanks for that advice.good to know.Second, yes I think I can spend more money if its gonna work considering carbon clutch.No problem at this point. So ,You are saying. first solution: Nismo coopermix Twin +lighweight flywheel(tell me what brand you reccomend), or second solution : Stock flywheel+ Carbon clutch(also,tell what you reccomend regarding clutch)? or again lightweight flywheel +Carbon clutch ?
  15. BK asked why- My power and my driving style is not on a "FU Gearbox" level,its simple and good enough,so i dont need twin,but yeah,exactly like djr81 said, i won't put anything that rattle because i want to keep this car mild and clean. So , it means from what You djr81 said and robzilla too , Nismo Super Coopermix for me is fine ? I Read on a rhd japan few minutes ago : - Because of the design and manufacturing processes made to create the improved clutch response provided by the sports clutch disc and lightweight flywheel and increased output, it is possible that the transmission or bearings may transmit a rumbling noise, compared to genuine Nissan parts. Transmission or gear noise is particularly likely to occur at idling or when accelerating or decelerating from the area around 2000rpm; however, this has no effect on quality or performance. - The rattling sound which is characteristic of six-speed manual transmissions, Getrag-equipped vehicles and S15 6-speed manual transmission vehicles, has been proven in actual vehicle testing to be reduced through the use of the G-max. - Do not use with a big operating cylinder, which may result in a misshift due to insufficient stroke volume.
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