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  1. Thanks mate. I’d love to go with the RB30, but I feel less confident with durability etc. I want to drive this car around the streets nice and gently if I want. With a decent RB I think that’s a bit less realistic. More work required for the same amount of power and probably not as long lasting as the 350. The RB is still a bit of a toss up though, I haven’t completely thrown that idea out the window yet. The Original motor will certainly help it with value later on in life but I don’t plan on moving the vehicle on at all to be honest. It’s had a closed door respray, a pretty good job too. Interior is about an 8/10 at the moment. It has Calais rims on it though. Standard height etc. The LS has loads of parts available, comes with plenty of easy bolt ons. I’m keen to achieve around 300ish rwkw. Enough to have a bit of fun but not enough to lose my licence. 😬
  2. Gday lads. Just joined up. Recently purchased a VL Berlina (NA), again! This is my 7th one, but my first for the last 14 years. It’s a stocky at the moment, and in pretty good shape. Just a standard RB30, auto for now. Will be replacing that with a turbo 5.7 within the next 12-18 months. Pretty keen to read people’s ideas, stories and experiences. I’m a novice, mechanically, but have a bit of basic knowledge of the VL turbos etc. this will be a life long car, I’ve been to fixated on fishing over the last 30 years and thought that it was time to have an alternative outlet! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I’ll post problems and progress as the project unfolds. I’m always interested in people’s ideas and thoughts too.
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