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  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, But I have lost all interest in this car. To many other things going on in my life at the moment plus the car is simply too much for me to handle. I will get another car in the future one that is fun driving slow.
  2. I am going to sell it, It will just sit there in the garage doing nothing no time for me. Too much family commitments, offers over $13000 please only contact if genuine.
  3. Well it will probably be up for sale soon if anyone's interested let me know. I need a cup of tea and a lie down.
  4. Hi all just an update have no time to drive the car been out once for a 30klm trip. I am old but my 4 kids range from 11 to 16, I am already thinking of selling. What should i do keep it and drive it rarely or sell and give up. How you blokes drive these cars with double and triple the power is beyond me.
  5. Now you blokes are scaring me. I am not much of a hands on car guy still learning. I just want to go for a short cruise now & then, A bit spirited no burnouts or anything crazy. This car will be like a hobby for me.
  6. Hi is there any way to get this alarm to just arm & disarm. All this immobilizer auto arm ,chirps & flashes is driving me batty.
  7. Boot problem solved also😅
  8. Hi I need your help as I was cleaning around the boot lock I pushed down a little lever that wouldn't come back up. I closed the boot hoping that would reset it now boot won't open.
  9. Sorry no pics yet the car is dusty & the wind is relentless gale force. Once I give it a good wash will post pics.
  10. Hi everyone about to pick up my 93 gtst r33 tomorrow. I am approaching 50 & this will be my first turbo car. Here are some of the specs maybe you can tell me if it's quality or not. 6 boost manifold64/66 precision turboEMS stinger 6860 ecu50mm waste gate turbosmartNew gaskets studs and nutsWalbro 460L e85 fuel pump1200 cc injectorsFront facing intake plenum3.5 inch exhaust systemScreamer pipe plumbed back.Turbo smart fuel regulatorFuel regulator adapterK&N air fliter kitCusko oil catch canFront slotted disk rotorsBendix brakesNew water pumpNew split fire coil packs new sparks plugsHicas eleminator kitNew power steering beltXyz drift spec qoiloversFenix alloy radiatorAlloy washer bottleExedy hd clutchCar is currently running 315kw on 18psi on e85Push button startOptima yellow top ( 3 months old 4x4 mounted trickle charger )Upgraded harmonic balancer.Wheels : 20" staggered vertini drift gold/chrome lip with zenna tyres off sets rear 20x10 front 20x8.5
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