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  1. That looks like a tired example, don't buy it Bro be patient.
  2. Looking for immaculate rear parcel shelf Sydney area.
  3. Hi all would 16x8 22 5x114.3 Wrapped in 205/50/16 fit my 93 gtst or would it look crap.
  4. BUMPer still looking.
  5. Looking for bar like pictured M spec, Sydney area, Black would be even better looking for original bar uncut no damage.
  6. Ichiban seem to have turned into WRX specialists. JEM are well known for their tuning but how about general servicing & repairs.
  7. The tuner mechanic would be the way to go, A Nissan mechanic would struggle with such an old car. I love your wheels do you have any specs for them.
  8. Hi Any good skyline mechanics around the Campbelltown, Ingleburn area.
  9. There are 3 options hard, medium, soft, which one to choose without trying them all out ? Anyone have opinions on the return spring, also brass or nylon bushing. Thanks
  10. So you think I should just get a new bushing brass or plastic ?
  11. Well does anyone have a Cube premium shifter in their car ? Previous reviews mention C's that are not available anymore.
  12. Hi I am thinking of getting a new shifter can anyone recommend one. Any owner reviews or one's to avoid would be great, To suit R33 GTST. Looking for smoother more precise shifting.
  13. Thanks for the words of encouragement, But I have lost all interest in this car. To many other things going on in my life at the moment plus the car is simply too much for me to handle. I will get another car in the future one that is fun driving slow.
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