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  1. Hey, as usual, I’ve tried looking for answers on my specific problem, but haven’t found one, yet. I’ve had my R32 for just over 7 months and it has terrible fuel economy. My tank is nearly empty after only about 170km. When I first got the car, it had misfires; and I did everything I could to fix any issue that would have affected my fuel economy, except for buying new fuel injectors. My car runs rich. I suspected a fuel leak or an exhaust leak somewhere, but my mechanic assured me my car was fine. I even got a new tune for better fuel-to-air ratio and I am still having to fill up everyone 150-175km. Also, my fuel gauge fluctuates. I’m stumped.
  2. I know I’m nine years late, but you happen to have a spare?
  3. Hey, I’ve searched around for these particular parts and can’t seem to find anything on them or whether they’re called mudflaps, mudguards... I was hoping I could find some help here in locating them. Mine cracked pretty badly. I circled the specific parts. (Not my car in the picture)
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