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  1. JCup

    First RB

    Haven't done much to the car lately, had a bucks party for a mate, had to put one of the family dogs down, I got a work promotion and now my dog might be dying of cancer, mixed emotions and not much time for car things. Took another photo of it, probably should have taken it somewhere nicer but the front yard will do. The wheels on it are 17" Stich Precious, I kinda wish they were 18" because I think they would look a bit less grandad spec. I've got some 18" blitz 03s that might go on it yet too. Did 1 thing to it this afternoon, which I am semi pleased with. The previous owner said someone tried to break into it and rooted the ignition, so he swapped the steering columns. Not sure if related or not, but when I bought the car it didn't have a switch for the fog lights, which always bugged me. So I managed to find a S2 stalk with the switch and now have 1 working fog light. Unfortunately still no working indicator on the side with the working fog light. While I was in there, I noticed the clock spring plastic is farked, should I replace it? Also what is the remaining brown plug for?
  2. Just read all 59 pages of this thread. Makes me want to preserve the Nissan in my motor. I am also big fan of the halaltech, had one in my old s14 and wish my new 33 had it 😫 Also renovating my bathroom atm. Doing everything myself though, did stack bond subways on mine too, good choice. Keep up the good work, I'm enjoying the various aspects of this jdm/euro/house build thread.
  3. JCup

    First RB

    I guess boost cut just seems like the best way to describe it, but you're right it's not cutting boost. I'm pretty sure It maintains the 11psi tapering off a bit, but there is a significant loss of power, probably due to the timing. It sounds like you experienced the same thing, so possibly at the moment the stock fuel map is hitting some red cells and R&R is trying to get it back into a green zone. Times like these I wish I had a haltech again. What is the cheapest way out of this/what should I be testing here? I will look at the install of the EBC to see if I am able to get some sort of control out of it to get it back to around 9psi, but even "off" should just be running wastegate pressure which I would assume to be around 6.5psi? I don't really want to go down the track of new ECU yet, I think that is unreasonable for my intentions with the car right now.
  4. JCup

    First RB

    I think the EBC has been installed incorrectly, it has always had some sort of boost cut at i guess around 4500rpm (no tacho), the EBC reads peak boost 11.4psi no matter if low boost, high boost or off. I thought it would be something that could be fixed with a decent service, but so far no good. Does this symptom sound correct for a stock ECU cutting power? 50% throttle allows revs to redline with EBC showing peak boost approx 4-6psi, 100% throttle sort of lurches (as in full power then suddenly no power for 1-2sec then back on again with lower power). I would like to try and get boost back down to like 7psi just to see if I can keep the power on for the whole rev range, but the boost controller doesnt seem to allow that. I have read some things about R&R, but still not entirely sure what the feeling or result of R&R is. Any ideas from the experts?
  5. Hi everyone, just picked up my first skyline after a hiatus from jap cars. I used to be on here quite a bit back around 2010~2015 when I had my s14 (pic for reference). 1997 R33 S2 GTST Pretty much all stock, 190,000kms no rebuild history so I guess I will try and keep it pretty tame, unlike the last car. Greddy Profec B ebc. Power Spirit front mount cooler. Lots of things that don't work. Never had an RB before, so it's all a bit different but kinda the same. Will need some help troubleshooting alot of the weird stuff going on with this car. I'm in Brisbane and don't really have any car friends left, so if anyone else is in the area would be cool to go driving some time.
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