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  1. Hi Agret, It's anyone's guess as to how many miles this thing tuly has. Odometer is incorrect. Judging by its condition and the parts replaced by the previous owner, I'd say just over 100,000 km. Small work to be done on the exterior and interior but it's in good shape. I'm afraid the previous owner did cut corners with the interior but most of those issues have been corrected. Not hard to find one since it's JDM, but I would say it's moderately difficult to find one in impeccable condition. I purchased mine from a dealership in Kanagawa close to Tokyo. And yes, I do have small mountain passes in my area ?
  2. Haysam is standing firm with his opinion that the Nissan input shaft will suffice for my application and goals. However, I'd like to future proof my vehicle whenever I can so I'll still opt for a new clutch and the larger shaft. Maybe even a carbon drive shaft now that I've fallen pretty deep into the rabbit hole. Thanks guys!
  3. I'll admit that I inherited the synchro issue with the purchase of the vehicle and just never got around to correcting the issue until recently. I'd like to keep the synchro engagement while it's a daily driver to help save money (and now put the money towards a new clutch ?). And since I'm upgrading the clutch I'll also upgrade the shaft. Where did No doubt that a billet center plate will be installed as well. I'll make the jump to the dog engagement when it's time for circuit work. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. 600ish hp to the wheels is desired, but I just used the figure to give everyone a general idea of how the car will be modified. My first gear synchro is starting to go bad and I wanted to take advantage of the future transmission labour. At this moment the upgrade is a want, but the car will eventually be used for primarily circuit work which is why I think the PAR gearbox with 1st-4th syncromesh engagement is an excellent compromise. Especially with my current clutch and power level. But I also understand your reasoning and may opt for at least a twin plate from a reputable brand or what you recommended earlier in the thread.
  5. Thanks guys. I like focusing on the minor details and don't think that the car's overall quality should be disregarded due to age.
  6. How critical is the need to replace the Nissan shaft with a GM/Holinger? It appears that I cannot swap the spline on my Nismo Copper mix clutch kit and I'd rather not have to purchase another kit. I don't intend on surpassing 600hp and PAR says that if I'm not chasing 1000hp I should be ok.
  7. Hello all. I've been a GTR owner for 1 year and I'm proud to be a part of the SAU community after only being an observer. I'm originally from the US but have been living in Japan for the past few years. Purchasing a GTR has been a goal of mine while living here since sourcing hard-to-find parts locally and from Australia is relatively easy compared to the US from my experience. I've always favored the R33 styling over the other generations and I'm fortunate to have found a Series 3 with very little rust. My main goal is restoration/modernization instead of power upgrades while I continuing to learn the car and it's characteristics. I'm just fortunate enough to know that there are literally decades worth of discussions and data to sift through to expand my knowledge about this fantastic machine. I look forward to chatting with you all!
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