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  1. Well my apologies, mans got a temper. just deleted,
  2. At last, thank you for this answer, way better and way more valuable steps to take. I will take notes and follow the steps.
  3. Thank you very much sir 👍
  4. @Duncan @PranKHey admins, would you please either delete this entire thread or delete all the comments that you think are off topic? Due to majority of the comments are written by people who are being very off topic and does not contribute to the topic what so ever on top of that they think being passive aggressive right from the beginning would help them achieve whatever it is they want to achieve, claiming that they're helping in a delusional way, this thread no longer serves it's purpose at least from a reasonable person's point of view.
  5. Results came out, they weigh the engine crank, block, main caps and head separately and everything adding together it's just above 500lbs/227kg, it is not half bad given how big of a mass it looks like, it's basically the same weight as a RB30. If the question is WHAT TO LOOK INTO WHILE SWAPPING THE ENGINE, and the answers are all about trying to convince one to swap to other engines instead, then you make zero points, you're just wasting everybody's time, even though all of us are in quarantine and have a shit load of time. How do you feel when you ask for a Coke and the server asks you back "is Pepsi ok?" None of the "Advice" has "hurt my feelings", they're basically not valid enough to be an advice, as I said this over and over again, how would you feel if you ask people how to upgrade your car and all you get is "Nah just buy a new car"? Annoyed no? Assaulting me in a comment doesn't do you any good either, being passive aggressive doesn't make you a civilized human being.
  6. Fair enough and good point. But the exhaust and intake on the flip sides is also an issue with the JZ swaps into an R chassis, is that a problem for them also? And how to address the problem?
  7. Hey man look, at this point you're just being the annoying kid in the class that nobody likes, I do own a R32 and Im shipping it to Aus, and yes people can still fly into Aus no problem, and people with any nationality would be annoyed by you thats no doubt. And about this topic, consider it none of your business anymore, I can start or delay it whenever I want, none of your concern because you're downright being a dkhead with passive aggressive attitude towards me for no reason since the beginning, you're just salty that the Admin deleted your sh1t talk comments, keep being that way.
  8. The only reason why I am still not quite sure about it just yet is the unknown engine weight for the Barra, on multiple forums some say the naked long block is 195kg some say 250kg some say 300kg, nobody has actually measured it's weight on a scale to find out exactly how many kilos does this thing weigh, which is absurd, I asked one of my mates who is about to swap a Barra in his old mustang, he agreed to measure it on a scale once he gets the engine. And we'll see from there. The one thing that's turning this comment section into a war zone is those people's egos as you've probably already seen, which is never a pleasant experience.
  9. The reason that example in the video looks like a very expensive build is because he had that fully built internal Barra instead of just using a dead stocker, that alone will cost at least 20k with the fuel system and things along those lines, on top of that he fully repainted the car, fully refreshed the interiors and things along those lines, which is none of my concern because I will only be addressing valve springs and oil pump gears and make it 400kw, finish the swap and call it a day. Also assuming someone won't do the project just because YOU think it is typical, that is just your subjective view, objectively I will be in Straya in a couple months and start contacting shops about the plans and all, most of the comments here, including yours, are subjectively trying to express how much you dislike the project just because you subjectively think it doesn't make sense. By trying to convince me to get the vehicles that came with a Barra in it instead of swapping a Barra into an R32 is most definitely defeating the purpose of this post and which you're basically talking to a wall. And by giving out off topic opinions does not equal to what you call providing "information", and doesn't make it correct. For example : question: "hey I want to 2J swap a skyline what should I be looking into?" reply: "Why don't you just buy a Supra instead?" <<<< that, is not giving out information, it is just expressing an off topic opinion that no one asked. But hey, after all if your intention is to turn this post comment section into a war zone, you've definitely won. Because at this moment there are way more negative talks than the actual answers that actually helps regarding to this topic.
  10. hey good sir, being a bit egotistical here just because you know a thing or two? that is not a good attitude towards people no matter if you're an elder or not. If people are tired of posts of this sort, they can simply ignore the post instead of causing a mess and turn the comment section into a war zone, you guys are equivalent to the griefers in online video games that does things to sabotage other people's game play experience without gaining any bit of benefit from it. learn to ignore things you don't like.
  11. I'm trying my best to be civil but I sense a lot of passive aggressiveness in most of the replies under this post. There is nothing wrong with learning stuff before hand. That's the whole point of this thread I posted, on top of that please read what I said, I'm not physically in Straya just yet, that's why I was doing researches before hand, and given the answers from some forums are not solid about the engine's weight that is the entire reason why I asked about the weight of the engine on this post. Being passive aggressive while replying to a post online doesn't do anyone any favor. If I am physically in straya right now I would be contacting the local shops by now already.
  12. I'm not asking specifically YOU to do the test for me. Someone with a good heart on the internet will.
  13. There are still some big question marks about this topic, further investigations and researches is needed for a solid answer. For example, Motive DVD on youtube did a weight testing in one of their videos and it shows it is wrong when people think 2J blocks should be heavier than an RB30 block due to the 2J having thicker cylinder walls and also stronger overall everything, yet a 2J block is actually about 10 kg lighter than a RB30 block. That's why you can't really say that a Barra must be heavier than RB for sure just because it looks big, without physical evidence from measuring it. Which I am surprised no one has ever done that and shown the internet with proof. All and all lets wait until someone provides us with physical evidence of the engine weight. If I am in Australia or NZ right now I'd go ahead and buy a Barra long block and measure it on a scale myself but sadly that's not the case, we need the internet's help.
  14. Thanks for the links, cheers! I really wish they filmed a series of the entire process of that engine swap lol
  15. Hey man, that's one of the reasons why I was trying to figure out how many KG does a Barra bare long block weigh, if it's true that it's lighter than an RB or a JZ, then great! If its heavier, I'd be doing stuff like adding weight to the back of the car to balance it out. Given that most engine swaps are equally difficult, that basically means swap the engine what you think is ideal, and this leads to the topic that I like the fact how the Barra makes max torque at around 2700 rpm and has variable valve timing on both intake and exhaust cams, comes with a T56 gearbox, has less of a headache than an RB when it comes to addressing reliability issues. The fact that it makes a lot of torque but it's still an inline 6, that's one of the biggest reason why I like it. I think engine swaps doesn't need to make sense most of the time, look at Mad Mike from NZ, why do you think he swaps Rotary into everything? Rotaries sound great but have very shit gas mileage, why does he swap the doritos into everything? It's all personal preference.
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