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  1. My bad it looked like i needed to looking at the diagram lol
  2. Ah ok looks like i need to take apart the turbo according to that diagram?
  3. I havent but cant hear any hissing sounds but will try that
  4. So after what the mechanic did it made a world of difference and worked much better. But still sorta got the same issue which is that it stalls when going uphill. also the car idles bad the tachometer moves very slightly up and down here are videos from after what i did to try fix it and seems to be a bit better. The idle also sounds better with the aircon on. Here is what I've done so far to try fix it: * New spark plugs from 2 months ago * Changed oil 2 times (first one for testing and it went black quite fast but now got brand new Penrite 10w-50 I think it is + filter) * Cleaned IACV Valve was quite dirty but don't know how much it is (gasket is broken but used some gasket filler no leaks, might replace gasket later) * Cleaned throttle body was filthy as well but didn't originally fix problem * New radiator coolant * Cleaned pcv valve was dirty to but did rattle before cleaning and don't think it made much difference * Unplugged air flow sensor while car is on and it turned off so that indicates to me the sensor is good Don't know what it could be, don't think it's the coil packs, haven't checked oxygen sensor. What do you guys reckon it is? Maybe pressure plate? Don't think it's the head gasket. I wanna try work on some stuff until he arrives see if I can fix the problem in the mean time. This first one is with air con on the idle sounds better and second one is with aircon off and idle sounds worse 20200114_183151.mp4 20200114_182132.mp4 20200114_182105.mp4 20200114_181846.mp4
  5. Hey mate,thanks. Happy Xmas to you to. Thanks for everything.
  6. Hey I found out what the entire problem of the car was. The idiot who owned the car before me put the boost to maximum. That was legit the only thing that caused the car to stall, turned it down and works like a dream. Wasn't even the broken rocker arm it looked like lol.
  7. Mate I turned it on and she sounds great. Here is a clip. Thanks again for all your help, lots learned on this project. Does have some smoke I think cause the old gasket but getting a mechanic on Monday again to double check everything, and just gotta bleed the valve for the coolant as there is still air bubbles. I drove in reverse and the car didn't turn off! And it seems like the clutch is working better now? I don't hear any crunching, (though I didn't operate the car but I could always here it outside). Anyhow, here it is! (at the 0:22 mark it starts to idle) sil-Copy.mp3
  8. Thanks, will let you know tommorow how it works out. Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Great news!! Got the mechanic he didn't have to take the timing cover off, and did the compression test had 190-210 across all cylinders. Which seems quite high service manual says 156. But cranked it didn't have any usual noises. Tomorrow will be the test to see if it turns on fine.
  10. I did I called a mechanic, and he said it was ok to crank the engine so I did. Just leaving the rest now for the mechanic. They are just busy as hell will be waiting a bit until I get my hands on one. I also read back when you wrote about how I didn't have the marks lined up when I started I see what you mean now. I referred back to the manual and while it did say rotate to tdc I didn't realize the links were supposed to be there as well.
  11. dammit. Maybe jobs like these in the future leave for someone more qualified. I would have thought following the manual would of been enough lol.
  12. Hey man so I've set up everything and I am not touching anything anymore until a mechanic comes I'll get them to do the leakdown test since they will probably have the tool will save me some money. I also called a couple of mechanics and they said about the resistance it can happen cause pressure builds up or like you said because valve touching piston. In this vid on the first time I try to crank it, it's very tight then it's ok then it's right towards the end. This is what you're referring to right? crank.mp4
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