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  1. I changed my knock sensor and haven't seen a code since i've been driving it for years like this it seems, but recently noticed the effects until i changed it lol
  2. Oh really? Is that detonation or something? Will it negatively impact the engine?
  3. It's still my subaru 2001 impreza. I relocated my knock sensor here: No check engine light, though feels like I can hear a bump from the back when breaking, don't know if that's just me lol. Car drives same as before all is fine.
  4. Sorry for the late response, all. I did hear of the helicoil I think I better pay someone to do it lol otherwise i might mess that up to lol.
  5. But what is the answer to my original question? I need to rethread the hole and if I can't do it I need to replace the engine lol because it won't be able to do into its original position.
  6. No idea how this happened possibly cause the bolt was too tough to remove? I wqs able to put the bolt in fine or its owning it geta tighter but with the sensor it just keeps spinning i had to re allocate to another spot on the block. Though some of surface on the sensor itself is hanging off the block doesnr have full contact. The car runs the same though. Can i use this as a permanent solution?
  7. ? I called supercheap repco and some others. Also wreckers for 2nd hand
  8. Repco is a rip off 200$ is oem apprently. I'll get one from a wrecker.
  9. i took it to my mechanic i need a new knock sensor, there was a code for a throttle position sensor but apprently its old. Suprisingly nothing for an exygen sensor. I wanted to ask do you think its a bad idea to buy a 20$ one from ebay as opposed to a 95$ from a retailer?
  10. I was curious, not for any car in particular but a general question. If a car is running rich due to a faulty fuel injector for example it would be only one spark plug that would be dry and black correct? But if it's something like a failed oxygen sensor or fuel pressure regulator would all the spark plugs be dry and black?
  11. Ok, thanks for the feedback. 02 could use a replacement lol the light does pop up frequently lol, wires and spark plugs changed not too long ago, I'll see what I can do.
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