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  1. Hey mate do you know how much I have to torque the bolts inside the pan and outside the pan? I can't find a manual for this car anywhere.
  2. apparently there is an external filter aswell? according to my research their isn't so I'm confused.
  3. Here was what teh person at the shop gave me they weren't even completely sure lol. So hard to find for this model what it takes i have no idea why.
  4. I change the oil and filter every 5000km. Or you referring to something within the transmission
  5. I checked my atf fluid for my ej20 automatic transmission it seems fine though looks orangish on the paper more yellowish on the dipstick if i remember correctly. No idea the last time it was serviced. I also had a side question: 1) I notice when i put my car in drive and if i put my foot on the gas straight away it rough shifts, hard to explain but it's like the car hasn't put it self into first gear yet and I'm rushing it into first gear. 2)When I shift gears it shifts fine no problem I just might be imagining things but it seems I feel like when it does shift that the car bumps backwards like im getting pushed back if that makes any sense. These 2 questions the car has always been like that since I bought it, either it's normal or I've been careful not to make it worse if it is a problem lol.
  6. I can't tell when you're serious or joking sometimes lol. You must have a dry sense of humour only thing I can think of haha.
  7. can't afford to lol. my only daily driver so i gotta take care of it like a baby, i aint buying another car. though i have been flooring it a few times recently i gotta make sure i dont build that habit haha.
  8. Congrats man! f**king stunning car.
  9. Thanks for the indepth info i appreciate it. hopefully i can push it until 200 without breaking it lol.
  10. Oh great! So I got until 200km or at least hopefully lol.
  11. The timing gun method i was referring to this video this guy uses it
  12. I ended up just quickly cranking my car a few times and saw the writing and marks they don't look too bad except the yellow line which i guess used to be a white line? is faded. what do you think?
  13. Ah ok, i was gonna risk the belt until 170km, but if it breaks ill be regretting it haha. ill do what you said turn over the engine and see if marks are there. surely i can't screw that up lol. just turn the crankshaft bolt check, then turn on thecar.
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