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  1. Thanks as always. I think I might get a shop to do it, I've got a knack for ruining things I touch, haha.
  2. Thanks man. Is that for the 2001 subaru impreza rx 2.0ltr automatic?
  3. I saw the process it seems pretty easy actual to change the belt and all the idlers and even to take off the harmonic balancer though for this damn car finding the workshop manual seems impossible and i found one but it doesn't talk about the torque settings on the pulleys.
  4. I got someone to double check it, looks like the water pump is quited f**ked lol. Leaking all the time, gotta drive it down to a shop 5km away, hopefully don't lose all my coolant on the way.
  5. Hey mate thanks for that. I was going to originally unplug my heater core, but then I realized I had no coolant in the radiator and that is probably why I have no heating. I drove it like that for a week and the temperature gauge didn't go up so hoping I didn't cause any damage lol.
  6. Ah fml, I really hope it's not the case haha. I just saw this video , and the leak is pretty much the same area. an
  7. I hope not lol. it was somewhat on the corner, but didn't seem it was near the head gasket. Tomorrow I'm gonna take some coolant out of the resoviour as it's a bit above full and put in the radiator see if I get any bubbles, try to bleed the sytem as ben suggested
  8. From what I understand for coolant I need to put it to the highest point or use the bleeder valve? Will try to find it, was quite difficult to see. I never had bubbles in my cooling system no idea how it developed it.
  9. Hey all, Here it goes again, lol. As some of you might have known from my last post I did lose a tiny bit of coolant every few months, and it's been like that for years (probably since I bought the car) but I noticed last week that I heard water slushing in my dashboard, then noticed I had no heat when I turned it on (but sometimes it would come on), then yesterday out of nowhere the temperature gauge went about half way between operating temperature and the red zone, I noticed before hand that my radiator had no coolant and the hose was cold I'm pretty sure (reservoir was full). Sounds like my heater core, is clogged, but as soon as the aircon produced hot air the temperature went down then back up again because the heating stopped working, so makes me think it's the heater core. But I noticed this morning when I woke up almost all my coolant was gone, went to check the leak underneath and it seemed to be above the thermostat somewhere (didn't seem like the thermostat was leaking or the head gasket but it was above the thermostat area. The car is a 2001 Impreza (no surprise there of coolant issues, haha) Can a clogged heater core cause me to lose that much coolant? Surely it's not the head gasket, there is no bubbles in reservoir, milkshake or anything like that. I opened up the timing cover a bit to see if there was water and if the timing belt was wet but it was all dry as a bone.
  10. I got it changed turned outs the breakpads were gone indeed lol, replaced the boot to.
  11. Ah ok thanks. I'm getting it fixed tomorrow. I hope I haven't left it too long because I changed the right side of the car boot not too long ago I don't think I checked the left.
  12. Ok, I will get it replaced soon just all stores are closed. What is the worst case scenario contamination of break lines?
  13. I see. They were pretty thin, the person I was with might have done a wrong diagnosis. I'll do that first, then do the boots and shit. On the right side of my car the calliper has half its life left, uneven wear not sure why.
  14. Car has been like this for over a year but I ignored it because it wasn't that bad, even now it's now all that bad (at least I think) just sometimes when I break it squeaks, but not all the time. In the morning though it's pretty loud when I break but once I drive the car for a bit then go to break, it goes away, but still happens sometimes. 3 years ago I had the front 2 wheel bearings changed but person I was with in the video reckons it's the wheel bearings. We checked the break pads, they do need to be changed soon but they did have a bit of material left on it, one one side it had about 1-2mm of material left. Also as you can see the in the photos the boot is split, not sure how long that's been like that, I think that's the tierod? Also the green thing seems to have some dried oil around it, not sure if that matters, I did have a leak ages ago but that was fixed. Here is the video, I put the volume up a bit as it was low. But I had someone turn the wheel and every time it was turned you can hear a sound, it's not the same sound as when I break though. The car was put in neutral when I had someone spinning the wheel (car was lifted up with a jack) Do you think the tierod has an effect here? The rotors looked ok as well. 20210402_105611_1.mp4
  15. I changed my knock sensor and haven't seen a code since i've been driving it for years like this it seems, but recently noticed the effects until i changed it lol
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