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  1. I did speak to Nissan at Northlakes but they didn't have any answers for me they said they had no information on this car it's an import so I started looking around for my self I keep getting told to give up and scrap it but I'd like to see it on road.
  2. I did read the post they don't have the one I need they cam close with one but not the right one trust me I look and was praying they had it but no luck, have attached some shots mate if yo can do better then me I would be very greatfull.
  3. Had it on to computers now only one could connect and it said the stepper motor. I don't know what else to to do the Transmission place in Underwood is I'm told one of the best and he gave up I just thought someone must have had the same thing happen to them so I turned to this forum. I have had the stepper motor out it's easy in this car but it's back in there so I could move the car.
  4. Have Had the stepper motor out but can't find one to replace it so as to the other parts you recommended it's a bit over my head I'll have a mate look at the recommendations he is more likely to understand. Thank you for your help
  5. Can't find the stepper motor for the CVT transmission or the transmission tried international with no luck
  6. I have a 350 GT Nissan skyline 2003 import it is running is safe mode, I have had it to one mechanic and his computer told me it was a stepper motor fault can't find one anywhere. took it to a transmission place he had it for a week and gave up stating it stuck in third, it's a lovely car and i would love to put it back on the road but can't get it to drive any ideas
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