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  1. Could, except I haven't found a breather adapter that has two AN outlets. This is the piece I'm looking for.
  2. I'm looking to buy a stock breather outlet from a Neo series RB20 or 25, shipped to the USA. It's the one with the two outlets, circles in the attached diagrams. I cannot find a part number for this piece, it appears to only come with the valve cover. I know it's removable, because I can buy AN replacement fittings. I want to keep the original hoses, so not wanting to go to the AN fitting.
  3. I know, I'm using an outdated ECU solution for my R32 with a Neo RB25DET. I got my R32 from Japan a few years ago and it was already modded with the Neo engine, R34 Power FC and R35 AFM. I just replaced the turbo and added Defi advanced sensors and a wideband O2 sensor & gauge to monitor things. The AFR was leaning on any throttle after the turbo change. I went to to the re-learn on the Power FC and initialized it without thinking about getting the R35 AFM's VQ Map info first... I know, completely scatter brained on my part. The R35 AFM is mounted in a 3 inch, or 76 mm, internal diameter duct. Does anyone have the VQ Map data available for this setup? I've searched and came across several links, however I'm not certain on the accuracy of the data. This link has the Datalogit VQ map, but the screenshot states it's for a 1JZ-GTE and doesn't clarify the duct diameter: I've found this link, but the VQ maps are for the RB26 and SR20 and again doesn't clarify the duct size: If anyone can confirm that one of these VQ Maps works, or provide one, it'd be Greatly appreciated! I know the consensus will probably be to upgrade to a more modern ECU. If I had the money I would! If I can't find any of this info, I'll be saving up for a couple of months and getting a Haltech. However, I would prefer to get it up and running with this ECU and stay a near to my already exceeded budget.
  4. Just getting back to this after being unable to get away from work to do the wiring. Thanks for the confirmation! I had to get a harness pin kit and wired it in today. Hopefully I'll try running the car in the next few days and be able to make sure it's working. Thanks again!
  5. I'm in the midst of revamping my R32, which has a Neo RB25DET. It's running a Power FC R34 ECU/engine harness. I'm adding the Power FC Boost Controller. However, being a Frankensteined car/engine, I knew it didn't have the R34's boost solenoid, but I found it doesn't have the connector that would have gone to it. So the engine wiring harness was modified previously for the installation. On the harness going forward on the side of the bay, it only has connectors for the O2 sensor, one of the fwd harness mating connectors and the MAF. I went digging, first looking at the ECU's connector to see what wire is there. Looking at diagrams, it's pin 104... but there's no wire there. I've attached pics of what told me it's pin 104 and pics of my ECU connector missing that pin. I believe the pins and wires not needed for the install into the R32 were removed. So now I'll be adding the pin terminal and wiring. I'm here to see if anyone with RB25DET Neo ECU experience can confirm that my sources for pin 104 are correct? Looking at the diagrams, it should be pretty easy to wire in since the power source is shared by pin 1 on the O2 sensor in the same harness, which is powered in the ignition switch's ON position. Now I know ditching the Power FC Boost Controller is an option. However, I don't want another device taking up space on the dash or in the glove box. So I want to keep this boost controller method. Thanks for any advice/tips!
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