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  1. Had a look at the cas, seems to be fine but I believe the timing may be off so will be doing that next and will give update when done, so tps signal voltage doesnt matter if it is manual?
  2. Got a R32 rb20det awhile back, was driving around for couple days but started to miss and was very jerky and stalling out so parked it up and decided to sort it. When starting up it sometimes runs for about 5 mins then car will start to miss then eventually die out, and othertimes it starts missing as soon as engine starts up. Have changed Plugs, Coils, MAF, Fuel Pump, ECU(20DET) and TPS. The signal voltage on the tps are completely wrong. Sits 1v to high on closed throttle and only goes to about 3v WOT. Have tried a second hand tps but same sort of results. Power and ground are fine, any help would be appreciated Video of TPS reading below 20191021_140359.mp4
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