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  1. Skyline model = R33 GTST Wheel diameter = 18" Wheel width = 9" Wheel offset = 35 Tyre size = 245/40r18 square set Modifications to fit = rolled guards. 20mm spacers on the front However, it seems to be rubbing against the fender on pretty standard turning angles, (about half turn away from full lock?). This is a lot worse if there's a dip or something in the road. Thoughts on camber?
  2. Thank you Rusty, I've also read it may have to do with starting the car with the clutch pressed 😓(rookie mistake). In my defence, the car did have an exedy triple plate in there with ridiculous clamp so a lot of the time, i'd be just restarting it without much thought into where my left foot was. On the flip side, I've only owned it for just over a month and in that time, i've only taken it for about 3-4 short drives around my local streets soo... Could the end float be caused by that or more likely the rebuild was not done right in the first place?
  3. Hey guys, Looking at doing a rebuild of my RB25DET because I recently found out that i've got some pretty excessive crankshaft end float (1mm). Just wanted some guidance/tips before I start pulling stuff apart. Just a little bit about the car: - was apparently rebuilt by previous owner about 15,000km ago. There's 200,000km on the chassis. - HKS 3071 turbo. Running 14psi - Stainless FMIC - Tomei Poncams 1. What could've caused the end float? Was it from the rebuild not being done right? 2. What other maintenace items should I check off while I've got the engine pulled apart? THANKS!
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