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  1. I'm a little to the north but coupe (2dr)
  2. Thankyou guys so much - yeah they are really anal here in SA - apparently I wouldn't get away with having holes drilled in a regular one because they assume when I leave there I will just reinstall the gauges. I don't care for the gauges I just want to be able to drive the car on the roads.. and yes the current pillar is a huge one with the gauges fitting into moulds, not just drilled into the pillar.. and no original pillar to go with it. The one you linked is the go, thankyou GTSBoy!! I'll just phone him tomorrow morning and ask if I can come collect it You guys are champions, thankyou!!
  3. Thanks mate! I really like the blue, have seen a few in this colour, unsure if its factory though I have my doubts. Went to the Lonsdale ID Inspection centre, tried to avoid Regency at all costs 😂 Yeah lights seem simple enough, have done it to plenty of shitty cars I've owned in the past but might just pay an auto-electrician as there's a few other things I could get them to do as well as the lights. I'll get some quotes on the tint, been told about 200$ for removal and new tint applied I've checked most wreckers / jap wreckers in adelaide, not a single pillar to be found, I assume because everyone in SA has the same issue 😅
  4. Hi everyone, pleasure to meet any and all of you! Yesterday I purchased an R32 GTS-T and drove it to Adelaide from Sydney.. on the way back in I went to get the ID check done, got defected for 3 minor things Until they are fixed I can't transfer the rego into my name within the state, thus the car is unregistered.. I have a UVP till Monday (2nd Dec) I have little to no friends, maybe one in the JDM game.. Any help on who to take the car to and where to get parts / meeting new people would be fantastic ❤️ Here's the car, and here's the little devil notice lol TLDR; the defects are: Window Tint too dark RHS "A" Pillar Gauges HID Headlights am hoping I can just change the globes on the lights. apparently I can't just remove the gauges and have it open so need to locate a RHS stock "A" Pillar interior trim and I really don't care about the tint, I don't use my phone or have anything to hide.. if anyone is a genius when it comes to removing it ❤️
  5. Nice colour Picked this up yesterday, very similar! Needs some TLC but nothing major *I think* GTR Badge has to go asap
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