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  1. Why are all VR38's with aftermarket turbos still twin turbo when everyone in the RB and 2JZ scene converts their cars to big single turbos? does the V6 configuration make twin turbos more effective when it comes to top end power vs responsiveness? I noticed that its not just drag guys keeping it twin turbo but also Chris Forsberg in his formula d VR38 powered 370Z and time attack cars.
  2. Hi, I stumbled upon a build series by an aussie youtube channel where they are 1gz swapping an a80 supra and turbo charging it. What I don't understand about this is that the 1gz is a 5L engine and so with NCOP your car would have to have a tare weight of about 1667 kg, much higher than what the heaviest A80 weighs (1570kg kurb). ive seen other people do this swap in Aus and was wondering if there was some workaround that allows them to do it or if they just don't drive these builds on the street?
  3. Hi, I don't have a skyline but am a big fan of them, I opened an account because I peruse the threads on here often. I know nothing about car mechanics so reading the threads people post here has taught me so much and I am eternally grateful. Pleasure to meet you all.😀
  4. I read through NCOP to see if these mods required engineering but couldn't find anything, but let me apologies in advance if it is there and I am just blind. After failing to find anything in NCOP I tried google but still failed to find. I know fuel pumps and fuel lines don't need it but have no clue about break pads and fuel injectors.
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