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    Traveling Australia towing our van behind our 2018 Isuzu MU-X. Now touring in our 370 GT.

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  1. Thanks Paul, there is a couple of switchs that I have not worked out what they do.
  2. I got it working on my Galaxy Tab A but not on my phone Galaxy JI (2016)
  3. Hi guys could people who have managed to get their phones to work on bluetooth put up what phones they have. As my old Sumsung won't work so thinking I need a new phone.
  4. When it is all fixed I would have the rad fan checked (I would think they are a clutch fan) blow a head gasket in our D.Max at 130K and five years old. Don,t rely on your temp guage I ran a scanguage 11 in our Isuzus and that how I seen the temp rise, nothing showed this on the vehicles temp guage.
  5. Sorry I was talking about the whole system, as I believe the Z is shorter over all than the V36.
  6. Ok folks a question or 2 on the similarity between the exhaust on the 370Z and the v36? I thought I read some where that the 370z was 200mm shorter so is there any other differences? I was looking at the Empire 370z cat delete pipes.
  7. Thanks Dash got onto my windscreen guy and having a new one fitted Tuesday $350 Cheers.
  8. Just got onto O Briens and they said they have them, so must be the G37. Waitng to talk to my windscreen chap. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, well have just put a big crack in the V36 windscreen, so is the 370Z the same screen? Also the radio aerial could it be a problem? Cheers.
  10. Thank Tony, keeps the brain working, this is our third import but much more tec than the Isuzu MUs we had. Love this car, most people don't realize how far advanced these imports are. Cheers Bruce
  11. Got my Samsung Galaxy Tab A hooked up to the bluetooth audio today, now I can listen to Spotify 😊 Still have not been able to sort the phone. LOL Have to write up what I did when next in the car and a few minutes to spare.
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