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  1. Wow look at these bitches if I wanted to see mean girls I would put on Netflix after reading everyone’s response it saddens me that this community isn’t for me I was looking for enthusiastic group that is looking out for members, being said there aren’t too many Trusting mechanics That are worthy of touching a skyline being ripped off or troubleshooting in the wrong direction wastes time and money, that in my experience most mechanics thrive on especially in this economic situation, the only reassurance that one may get is maybe a forum of likeminded people do steer you in the right direction, how wrong I was
  2. Two months ago I asked them to check that said it’s fine when I got a new timing belt and water pump
  3. RB25DETT r34 gTT auto cruising along at 100km/h take foot of accelerator and engine revs down to idle 800-1100r/min apply the accelerator and car revs upto 3k before any power is produced this happens for about 5min a day interminable but most days I have pulled over turned the engine off and on then it’s fine Anyone experience this before? what was the problem?
  4. Apexi neo was reset inadvertently no dyno available in Tamworth NSW Car runs rough now panicing scared to drive it don’t know what to do RB25 neo r34
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