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  1. Yeah ive put new sparkplugs in (recommended ones by a mechanic) new harness, new coilpacks The alternator is also dodgy, barely keeping the battery to 12.24v
  2. Hey guys, brand new to the forum and brand new to the Skyline scene, always wanted an R34 GT-T or GTR, so the other week i decided to buy one But it seems like the inspection report is a bit dodgy and what the seller told me was off, couldve been resolved by actually seeing the car myself but oh well I was wondering if anyone could give some insight to some of the issues im having She was misfiring when i took out the coilpacks and sparkplugs there was water in the valley and 5 of 6 sparkplugs were rusty (cheers prev owner for looking after her) the coilpack springs were all rusty and one of the springs was snapped in half, he also had 3 oem and 3 splitfire coilpacks So ive replaced coilpacks with splitfires, new wiring harness, new sparkplugs BCPR7ES gapped to 0.9mm, all i can smell is fuel and theres a fair bit of smoke, she is misfiring intermittently While in neutral and i rev it, when i take my foot off the pedal and it revs down it almost stall Also if youll notice theres about a billion earthing cables off the battery for some reason Please be gentle 😂 thanks
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