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  1. Thank you, I'll try that and see if it works. Would you happen to know the location of the fuses that control the locking mechanism?
  2. Own a skyline R34 1998 coupe. After my car died I tried to jumpstart it, I had the cables on the wrong way and I think it fried something. Right now my AC, central locking and radio unit isn't working. I'm hoping it's a fuse problem but worse case probably not. My passenger side right now will not lock, both when I try to lock it from the inside and outside. The lock seems to be jammed or something because when I push it in, I always pushes back out and unlocks it self. Same goes for when I use the key outside the door to lock it. It always forces itself to unlock. Any ideas on what the problem is. Is there a fuse that might control the lock? I don't think the actuators are the problems because it can push it self out so I'm thinking it might be getting a current that constantly forces it open.
  3. Hey i recently bought a skyline r34 coupe gt 1998. Looking to put coilovers on the them but looking for them online and facebook market is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Anyone know places preferable in Melbourne or online Aus stores i can purchase them for a resonable price.
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