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  1. Long story short, rolled into a saftey pole and my front lip cracked into two seperate piece. Is it better for me to get a professional quote for a fix, or is it relatively simply enough and with some paitences to fix it myself.
  2. I think its because some of their kits come with camber adjustability, however since my front suspension mount located in the engine bay its only 2 bolts and therefore I wouldnt be able to ultizie the kits with 3 bolts and camber adjustability. P.s replied to jmknights93 with pictures of the options they have at BC for my car.
  3. Yeah im going off the generic photos of each kit as seen in the photo above. Im pretty sure its an eyelet type as well after reading into other forums!
  4. I just need to remove the back seats to get to the mounting brackets of the rear, and since my r34 is 2door its kinda a tight squeeze to pull the seats out
  5. Im thinking of getting coilovers for a R34 25Gt 1998, specifically from BC coilovers. However they offer coilovers with 3 bolts on the top or 2 bolts. Inside the engine bay the front suspension mount is 2 bolts. Just wondering if anyone knew if the rear suspesnsion setup is 2 or 3 bolts on the top of the suspension bracket.
  6. I recently purchased Whiteline sway bars for both front and rear for and R34 gts. The fronts fitted fine, however for the rear I am missing a D saddle bracket. Apparently the R34 gts didn't come with those but have the holes manufactured? Would anyone know where I would be able to purchase them or anyone that has any that would be willing to sell them.
  7. Thank you, I'll try that and see if it works. Would you happen to know the location of the fuses that control the locking mechanism?
  8. Own a skyline R34 1998 coupe. After my car died I tried to jumpstart it, I had the cables on the wrong way and I think it fried something. Right now my AC, central locking and radio unit isn't working. I'm hoping it's a fuse problem but worse case probably not. My passenger side right now will not lock, both when I try to lock it from the inside and outside. The lock seems to be jammed or something because when I push it in, I always pushes back out and unlocks it self. Same goes for when I use the key outside the door to lock it. It always forces itself to unlock. Any ideas on what the problem is. Is there a fuse that might control the lock? I don't think the actuators are the problems because it can push it self out so I'm thinking it might be getting a current that constantly forces it open.
  9. Hey i recently bought a skyline r34 coupe gt 1998. Looking to put coilovers on the them but looking for them online and facebook market is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Anyone know places preferable in Melbourne or online Aus stores i can purchase them for a resonable price.
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