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  1. Proper procedures and simple steps were missed and that is where they went wrong. they never machined enough meat off the head and the lobes were touching the actual casting on the head as it went around. barely but definitely wrecked shit. anyways solved issue thanks for the input mate.
  2. Just inquiring for a friend who has his rb30 at the shop and they installed high octane baffles. big deal right...well they then started the car and reported to him the camshafts are now scored from the baffles. this sounded very wierd and highly unlikely to me so i figured i would run it by the real mates and see if this has ever happened to anyone before or if it is a known issue. thanks good chaps.
  3. glad to see it all worked out mate. cheers old blue made some nice numbers!
  4. Been a fricken while since i posted. Gtr finally blew up. The long block would have kept going, but ended up being the triple plate clutch either having the wrong release bearing or something but the thrust washer gave out on the crank and it walked forward taking out the oil pump blah blah blah 30k later new motor. been doing lots of welding for mates, cutting trees, blacking as usual. cheers hope everyone is well down under!
  5. yup 100 percent mate. i live in an area where it gets extremely cold even minus 50 celcius sometimes. even then if the block heater was plugged in you only wait a couple minutes(or high idle it and thats better) then slowly warm it up driving keeping rpms lowish. warms everything else up slowly too transmission diff etc. im sure most of you mates see how long it takes oil temps to rise in a gtr so just imagine your rb sitting there tryng to reach oil temps at idle? would take for ever and does a number on your rings especially older motors that arent perfect anymore. my gtr always smoked out the exhaust a bit until i got her warmed up so i never let it idle longer than 1 minute(and this wasnt the turbo as was a brand new precision). get the rings and pistons hot soon as possible your engine will thank you. that sitting idling crap is for the birds.
  6. yes this is a good pointer here, and i might add clean it 10 times after you think you have cleaned it enough. i know its a little different but on my 26 i had a leak from the idle screw on my iacv and this caused it always to idle at 1200rpm. ive since removed and dont use one but yeah make sure you clean the piss out of it, i had success with brake cleaner and air. cheers
  7. Well there will be lots of tree cutting going on to fund the gtr being buttoned back up! We figure a grave digger wrap with lime green suspension and lime green role cage. It’s actually going to say “Shea digger” and will have the names of all the other tree companies on the grave stones of the wrap. Sure a lot of people will hate but that’s good makes we want to do it more Lol. Black is boring now I wanna do something weird and my son will love it. Busy beaver for the win make power not friends🤟 IMG_2699.MOV
  8. Hey thanks good mate much appreciated kind words. I really do enjoy the family gtr I would way rather have the old warrior instead of something fancy. My rich buddies have r35’s and I dust them on the regular lol. The car is far from perfect but it’s a lot of fun and has taught me a lot about life, Patience, attention to detail, learning to work with friends and when something goes wrong like your tuner accidentally cranking the boost 35psi and blowing the engine, well that’s how she goes sometimes it’s just metal at end of day. When my buddy went head in head with a semi last week I see things much different now. My car truly has brought people together in this weird time losing a pretty well known chap...probably why my motor blew I was ripping on it fakin hard for my boy. I drove the stock motor at 600whp on e85 for 7500km and well now the stock motor has finally bit the dust! (Pump failed and bearing all fried and threw a piston),I’m excited to work on my car with my wife again,we will be installing the built long block next week! I won’t hammer this thread with boring engine content but will post a bit of it. My bmw is almost done and I’m going to put up some serious off-roading videos before we put a rb in it lol should be fun so yeah click back here in a weak might see some funny stuff brother. IMG_2851.MOV
  9. Ahh don’t get to caught up in the details mate. Don’t get me wrong you have done a job I couldn’t never do my engine is a hack compared to that lol. But it’s good to be content and enjoy what you have! Your car is wicked mate go bag the piss out of it. Cheers.
  10. nice unit mate, hell of a read. that dash is wicked too
  11. NISSAN Skyline GT-R -- B-Pro Auto JDM Imports (jdmwholesale.com) these guys have some other really nice gtrs for sale but i think this is a better deal for you. car looks cleaner and cheaper. this is where my car originally came from. check out there other gtrs as well some nasty r33 gtrs too.
  12. if i was looking for another r32 i would look no further than this one. chances are thats an extremely good condition car. thats alot of coin it should be damn near mint for that price with a perfect frame. i would say if you could get the frame(standard 4 spots on frame where dints usually occur from improper jacking), rust behind all the wheel arcs, open the gas cap see what rust is occuring in there, and a nice photo of the trunk popped with pictures of the perimeter along the waether stripping and under the spare tire where water can accumulate and cause premature rust. cheers chap car does look extremely clean in my eyes. i paid 27k for mine in the same shape as that grey one(maybe better mine had zero rust) in 2019 so not that long ago. i just kept watching as economy was low here, so i dunno about the 85k mate thats steap for a r32 that will be quite slow after you drive it a couple times and want more power.
  13. Well I said f**k it and picked my bottom lip up and went for a rip with my buddy today. He has a spicy 900hp 2j check the video out below. He’s on low boost on pump with meth here. IMG_2746.MOV
  14. Got that right mate. would be a shame if my wife ever got a call saying the gtr is a crushed coke can and your husband is dead and she had to explain to my 3 year old why i wasnt coming home. so yeah just aint feeling it at all. im not going to go say the car is a stupid piece of metal because it isnt and its good for the soul but at the end of the day the cars are very fast and can be unsafe, so time to just relax, go through the car a bit, check suspension etc and work on the unit with my boy. get some new brakes, tires, wheel alignment and get back in the saddle. i miss my friends. cheers mate
  15. Well things have been a little weird around my neck of the woods lately, 1 of my good friends from highschooL overdosed and died on the weekend followed by another one of my very good friends dying in a car crash yesterday. Gunna be putting the gtr away for a bit just ain’t feelin it these days Cheers mates here’s one for you guys “BD and fardo” you will be missed greatly. IMG_2732.mov
  16. Thanks good mate very kind words. i see the gtr bring happiness to alot of people when i bring it out. im a big believer in being the under dog and helping less fortunate people who didnt have the same luck i did. i have put over 4000km already on my single build giving kids rides, driving with my wife and son, and bringing it out when ever i have time to hear poeples and helping them through true life struggles if they have them. sometimes all we can worry about is what part to get, how much power to run, what size turbo, what ecu, can i afford e85 if it means mcdonalds for 2 weeks, when there is far much more to life like family, laughter, helping a enemy and keeping true morals that could have kept this world well if everyone just could have been a little more kind to all. anyway im out for now, make power not friends. cheers.
  17. Nothing like a nice 260km pull to start the morning🤟 IMG_2704.mov
  18. Just been a beauty lately in the old gtr, we got it up to 25 psi now so who knows what it’s making for power but I’m damn impressed for this stock block. Last dynoed at 580 on 23 psi. Good pull in the short video below IMG_2699.MOV
  19. My wife and son are amazing individuals. Combined together it creates an experience for me that doesn’t seem real. I sometimes find myself just staring at them enjoying car meets and the people that have been brought to us from cars and I wonder how I got so lucky. She can handle a triple plate exedy at 500hp already lol. What a mate IMG_2682.MOV IMG_2681.MOV IMG_2673.MOV
  20. We didn’t want to push the car any further. 600whp on a stock rb26. FullSizeRender.mov IMG_2648.MOV
  21. Let there be light he said....and there was light! Beauty day at the old barn today. FullSizeRender.mov IMG_2631.mov IMG_2621.MOV
  22. The crazy Canadians at it again, the prp trigger Picked up 40whp on install. Cars running so good figured just be done with it and enjoy it at the power it’s at. 580whp done with it for now! IMG_2629.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  23. hey oktay long time no chit chat. cars looking good mate. enjoy the summer
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