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  1. i dont know why you would ever select a fluid based on how in functions when its not at operating temps. id be more concerned about how it when being smacked around a bit and what your synchro's look like when you tear your gearbox down... just my 2 cents tho. sounds like your pretty easy on your unit and dont rev it up to often tho, so i bet you could pretty much through wat ever you want in there and you would be ok. cheers. i dont think its hard to see that most the guys here commenting are running way more power than me and you ever will and they are saying its not good. if you took that redline fluid to the track for few days your gearbox would look like it has grease in it. b interesting if you magically had some syntrans and could try that. i feel like this thread would be dead at that point.
  2. drove the sti this morning 4 blocks to day care and went and got mail, by the time i got home i would have to wait about 2 seconds for the clutch slave to fully disengage before i could get back into throttle and continue into the next gear. fluid turns to gel fast....im ready to move soon
  3. i usually drive my car at night time around here so i know i sound like a classic dumb canadian but its cold here always(about 0 to plus 15 degreees celcius here all summer and fall. minus 52 today no joke coldest day of the year today i think. cant even go outside it f****d out, so even getting fluids to warm up daily driving can be a challenge. especiialy on our diesel motors. this being said i felt the hotter and harder i was on the syntrans fluid and the more i got the gearbox temps up it just started shifting like a dream. im totally convinced i wont use anything else now. i think anyone using redline is either stuck in the 90s or still using USA forums for information. real smart......
  4. they should call it deadline cause thats what your synchros will be when the fluids done with them...dead
  5. Castrol Syntrans 75w85 for the win. i messaged you a while back on this ben, was able to get a few rips in the car with the new castrol fluid before we ripped it apart for the build. shifted the exact same as the fluid i had in prior at regular rpm(3-5500) but seems to be far better at redline shifts...this is just my opinion tho, im not an expert by any means. but i do know for a fact that i have thrown out 300 dollars worth of redline fluid this week.
  6. and im going to save you here before you get eatn alive... 300-400hp well you already have that off the shelf....reliable is a wierd word in this world. usually comes down to the driver and the maintenance not the hp level mate. 300-400 is peanuts for her. n1 pump ive never been a fan off. seem like you have good capability mechanically.. with those turbos you could get much more and still be well reliable as you would say. nothings reliable really its a twin rb single that thing while you got the motor out. sell the twins. you will understand later they just suck.
  7. hey mate welcome! this thing is sick! very unique definitely a build im going to follow. sick whip chap. mean unit
  8. lol hope i dont get in trouble for that one...sorry sau
  9. ill post it for 2 grand in trump land and say its a rare Canadian version comes with an extra gun.
  10. i only said what i said about prp because he has been very good to me with pricing so i just don't want to take business from a guy i know works real hard in tough industry. tom bourque has been great to me and very pleased with his service.
  11. hey all is well mate no offense taken at all. i see your posts all the time. informative and i always value your posts.
  12. Nothing serious just test fitting a couple things and preppinng for fab work.
  13. Yeee Ben. Well I was just planning on using the hicas lines for now with 8an hard line fittings to run braided to the rail and fpr in bay. Stock fuel tank also with 8an hardline fitting to the hicas lines. And again just a hellcat pump rewired with beefy stuff. Gunna put the flex fuel sensor on the return line I think. Unless you state other wise mate. Cheers
  14. Hey guys just wanted to let the canadian users know that we are a new rb shop in manitoba. we can deliver and build anything you need for skylines and rb motors. also we are launching a youtube channel this summer to cover all the sick cars over canada much like the trc channell....we want to be able to bring coverage to everyone in Canada and show people all the hidden jems i know that are out there! anyway pm me if you want your car covered this summer. ill be flying all over the place and driving the r32 to closer destinations like Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, med hat etc. we got a lot of expensive camera gear and crew its gunna be nuts! anyone covered gets lots of prairie boost gear and free dyno tuning at our new shop being built! stay in touch and follow our 800hp rb26 build that is gunna be crushing the Prairie Boost streets this summer! we sell 4 inch custom exhaust all vibrant pipe! catch cans, single turbo manifolds, etc! pm if you need anything or need to get in contact with prp canada for all your sweeeet parts. we use local millers motors for machining, etc and are happy to help with your builds. cheers
  15. also i bought a weldon a0247 regulator im assuming this should be enough to bypass fuel with my hellcat 525....cheers mate.
  16. yeah good point ben. i can remember a year where my viscous fan clutch siezed. i took the fan of to get it home. never installed it all summer never over heated once lol. but yeah not smart just saying its fricken cold enough all the time here unless your tracking her cooling and heating up of parts rarely a issue...got some nice things going on today in the shop will keep posted mate!
  17. i have a ton of other parts as well let me know what you need may be able to fit it in with the ac pump etc.
  18. yeah i got 3 with all lines too in great shape. pm me make me a half descent offer and cover postage and she all yours mate. shipping cost should be 25-70 bucks depending on how fast you want it. ive shipped lots to australia in last couple weeks. shipping seems to be solid again after christmas and covid.
  19. pictures never worked for me mate. doesnt sound good tho.
  20. lol i have one for sale. im looking to get about $25000 for it as its a rare old logo nismo one. lol i do have one tho but i like to look at it from time to time and laugh. if you really want one i would just send you mine its taking up space.
  21. i think the heat in your area is a torcher test with the rb. we can get away with very little cooling mods and can usually sit in traffic all day without over heating its just cold here. great weather for turbo motors around here once the sun drops seems like the rb gets another 100hp. dyno pulls always throw big numbers to similar setups in warm areas like australia. just cause of the crisp air. off topic and correct if wrong, but i feel like wpc treatment on an entire motor would do great things in australia just by reducing friction and bringing down heat in specific spots like end bearings when blocks are twisting and normal spots where lots of friciton are like rings and buckets are reduced. seems like heat and rpm dont work nice with the rb.
  22. i plan on building lots of engines in the future for people as we are seeing lots of skylines starting to show up in the area, and there is slim to any people that know anything about them down here. so i guess in this case we are the engine builders. once my cars done we are going to market the build like crazy and start building some better more quality r32s in the area. we are just trying to be cool like you guys lol
  23. i highly doubt prp has sold a tourque plate to eveyrone building an rb...im the only one witha plate within 1000km around here. id rather buy a tourque plate i know is going to work proper for the rest of my life than try to build one. makes no sense really. i have lots of friends that can use it now. when you say rb motor to a machine shop around here they look at you cross eyed and say what. my motors are the only rb engines he has ever seen in his life, and now he has experience with them and will now rent plate when he needs it. really just a big motorcycle engine he said. the machining went like a breeze real good guy. not everyone lives in australia where this stuff is second nature and you have the parts you need and a lot of experienced rb guys in the area to just build a torque plate etc...so i went with something that works. i paid 500 bucks for my plate so for the 45k i have spent on my build so far is was a complete no brainer. im surprised by this response. prp-canada has been nothing but helpful for my build. i already have a long list of people wanting to use it now so was a great investment. cheers
  24. yeah enough said. its 2021 mates the answer is right here. fix your transmission if it grinds, then run proper gl-4 and be done with it. redline fluid is total junk.
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