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  1. Hey, I'm trying to build up a R33 from a bare shell, getting there, but I'm struggling to find CHEAP front calipers, 4 pots, will be running standard 5 stud setup. I'm new to these but finding my way, will any other caliper fit? From another Nissan, 300, Stagea, silvia? Or any r33 setups available, don't really want to send 1/2* ways round the world. Just picking brains!
  2. Thanks, thats great, cheers Trel, and GTS boy. Normally watch gauges more than the road, but have only driven this car 2 or 3 times, and its been nearly a year, plus phone died and lost video and photos id taken for reference. That gives me a starting point, so what happens at higher revs, when turbo is 0, what revs roughly? And what revs at 7+. Guessing fan cuts in below 120˚, will try and get it as close as possible, using a backup to calibrate it, roughly. I was so careful removing needles, can see what happened.
  3. Totally standard r33 gtst. Can anyone advise on what position needles should point, on initial startup, for turbo and twmperature Reason is changed dials to UK spec mph, turbo dial is off, and temperature is not lifting? Everything else seems ok. Had photos and video before i started, phone died a horrible death. Need to know what the turbo needle should register at on startup, and what temperature sits at normal running temp, stationary. Cant think of any other way of doing this?
  4. Tnks, and thanks! It's cheap as chips, everything I bought with it or for it was, that's the way it gonna be, but everything will be done right, no corners cut here, if budget slows me.... So be it. Learning a lot, and hopefully will learn a lot from you yourselves along the way. I'm no stranger to car restorations! Normally work on 40 Yr old yokes, so this should be a breeze....... Yeh right. Atleast starting with a blank shell, I know what I've got, most skylines here are rot boxes, salted roads in winter, mostly wet, and mucky. Not good when most imports where not protected, very little paint on these from new, primer at best. Next step is allow paint to fully harden. Then seemsealer, and stonechip underneath. Learning how to protect front shock terrets from under and above, also boot seems that leak. As for a GTR, not my thing, sorry. RWD ONLY, are you joking! In the land of AE86, donuts and drifting.... Work so far includes, price of 5 glass blasting bags, and 3L of undercoat paint, less than 1 and 1/2 fills juice!
  5. Shell was glass blasted and primed and undercoated this week, nothing held back, there was no repairs done on the shell previously, as with blasting, it's back to bare metal. Turrets are original and very clean. Overall for a 25 Yr old car, it's pretty solid.
  6. Brief History, Bought this Shell for the price of a round of drinks! It was stripped ten, fifteen years ago of all its running gear, and I mean everything. Why? It was a breaker. Pic shows sitting on drink crates, mocked up using 940 turbo Volvo rims, then Rota 17 inch Bought all body panels, in a separate deal, spec2 I believe.
  7. Think the main issue with these cars where lack of paint supplied by nissan. Clean it, protect it, it will last longer! Areas where only a dusting of primer exists, door posts, inner front wheel arches, rear panel, inner part of door, inner wings, boot floor, and alot more. Primer isnt paint! Get em painted.
  8. Think most future classics go this way! Scarey thing is what the general public think, ah....... its only a old car, probably clapped out rust bucket! Unaware the Merc they sit in is only with a 1/4 yours! Most future classics end up this way, and normally for a good reason. Cant remember last time ive seen a celica gt4, imprezza, evo. All once very common.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, must keep an eye of ebay australia, nothing here! Or very little! Im on a tight budget, so thats a big thing! I have a r33 with existing plastic lenses, think the glass lenses would be a good alternative for my other r33 gtst project, it means the glass are always ready to rock should the plastic lenses need removed for cleaning.
  10. Just out of interest? What where they new in Japan? Have they at least gone past the new dealer price!
  11. Cheers, very helpful, yeh was trying to avoid pointless cloudy plastics. Must try harder! So its ok to give the 4dr glass units a go? Will both sides fit? Like the idea of glass, but would they post half way around the world intact?
  12. Will r33 four door headlights fit a 2dr gtst spec 2 (type 2) Cant get plastic type, was thinking will 4dr glass work!
  13. We lost the sea! The holy ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BZRgLhcargQ
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