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  1. Think the main issue with these cars where lack of paint supplied by nissan. Clean it, protect it, it will last longer! Areas where only a dusting of primer exists, door posts, inner front wheel arches, rear panel, inner part of door, inner wings, boot floor, and alot more. Primer isnt paint! Get em painted.
  2. Think most future classics go this way! Scarey thing is what the general public think, ah....... its only a old car, probably clapped out rust bucket! Unaware the Merc they sit in is only with a 1/4 yours! Most future classics end up this way, and normally for a good reason. Cant remember last time ive seen a celica gt4, imprezza, evo. All once very common.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, must keep an eye of ebay australia, nothing here! Or very little! Im on a tight budget, so thats a big thing! I have a r33 with existing plastic lenses, think the glass lenses would be a good alternative for my other r33 gtst project, it means the glass are always ready to rock should the plastic lenses need removed for cleaning.
  4. Just out of interest? What where they new in Japan? Have they at least gone past the new dealer price!
  5. Cheers, very helpful, yeh was trying to avoid pointless cloudy plastics. Must try harder! So its ok to give the 4dr glass units a go? Will both sides fit? Like the idea of glass, but would they post half way around the world intact?
  6. Will r33 four door headlights fit a 2dr gtst spec 2 (type 2) Cant get plastic type, was thinking will 4dr glass work!
  7. We lost the sea! The holy ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BZRgLhcargQ
  8. Yeh didnt even look what car they where on, just googled em for pic. Good to know either way, never seems em before, ive 4, which is good, i think! Better? On a zz2 90k? What?
  9. Front headlights looks sharp, having problems finding type2 gtst headlights, more pics needed, did you make fake headlight bezels? Tnks!
  10. Yeh, trying to keep mine as factory fresh, and away from morons.
  11. Must look at handbook and get a marker on them to aid the moron in the workshop. Because ive seen nearly every skyline with bend sill sections.
  12. Been thinking about prevention rather than a cure, could extra plating be added to aid lifting with jacks, and post lifts. Chassis sections seem weak not fit for lifting, even race track breds needed attention. My problem is driving safety agency, MOT is every year, so need to prep something to allow them to lift, the middle section of lift is used to lift car so they can test front and rear suspension.
  13. Some pics! Need to setup project thread or two.
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