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  1. Has anyone tried replacing r33 spec 2 4dr glass lenses onto a 2dr until, or has anyone got nackered 4dr units with good glass?
  2. If it would mean modding the shell no, could use r33 rwd gearbox, looking easiest option to build up a bare r33 shell from scratch, zero parts. No even a screw, clip or hose.
  3. Could full running gear be transplanted to r33 shell. Using r33 subframe, or stagea! Anything else fit, brakes, engine, gearbox, without modding.
  4. Looking clean, does it let in much water or have you resealed or replaced sealant around boot edge.
  5. Agree with early treatment. Plenty of rust converters out there. That info on how to prevent it. Nissan never got the memo of rust prevention. That overlaps need treatment before application, along with sealant, rust protection, primer and paint in all those important areas. It's nothing new. Cars have been rusting here for decades.
  6. Hi all, had a mot road safety failure due to headlight, adjusted too high. Think it is due to invisible shatter cracks in plastic scattering the beam. Options 1. Are new spec2 lenses available? 2. Would 4dr glass lenses work on coupe headlight unit, seen here coupe and saloon wiring is different. 3. Is there a lens available to cover inner reflectors. Removing outer lens? Any advise welcome! Oh. They are buffed to perfection on the outside.
  7. Do you need written proof to do this? From a nissan club. Or other source.
  8. When you all say insured as valued, is it agreed value, and how do you go about it, i am a member of a another car club, and is recognised by insurance companies as a agreed value source.
  9. Nice wee project, fairplay, for completing work in a small garage, what the story with the shorts? Dont you know its winter, and Scotland too! Most of the guys on here would be wearing long johns, trackie bottoms, jeans and overalls all at once - or maybe its a deceptive garage with underfloor heating.
  10. Thats really interesting, i am currently restoring a car, it was stored for a long time without any care, and lots of uv rays, then i stored it under a heavy duty cover, i have started preparing the car for paint. I can remove original paint with a sharp cutting blade, this is a first, makes my life easy, Sorry i cant help with your delema, maybe remove all paint on that panel, it will need removed to add any type of paint in the future. Where these cars e plated, as this seems pretty secure, but isnt on inner panels i believe? Confused!
  11. Or one of those temp gauges we get pointed at our heads every so often, should do the trick, reason i asked earlier, regarding fan, just in case electric fan was fitted for our two month summer above -3˚c, or someone trashing it or drifting previously! But scan tools seem logical.
  12. Ah go for a guess, electric heated demist mirrors small switch with a mirror auto pic, and on/off switch, a rear light foglight conversion.......what did I win? Other than that enter the car upsidedown, have a peek!
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