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  1. Cheers bud, yeah pink labels AFM and all the works the swap has been done reasonably cleanly, yeah I cant see the CEL because it's a neo swap into an r32 which presents more headaches in itself 😂. I never did the neo DE swap (was like that when I purchased it) but I'm doing the +T because I had all the bits laying around 👌
  2. Yea I was thinking the same thing, I'm running all the stock DE intake, AFM and TB with just the DET injectors, that's no issues? I haven't had it tuned yet, was just advised it was stock 25det neo with 10 psi Do you know if there's Any way of reverting back to stock base image or disable the nistune type 4 board ?
  3. Ok Bois having some issues with this conversion at the moment, plz help All the turbo gear is in and plumbed up DET neo injectors Starts and Runs great on the DE ecu (bit rich on idle because DET injectors obviously) Purchased a DET neo ecu with nistune installed, tuned for all stock parts just 10 psi and its hard to start and runs lean, Is there any difference in the wiring that needs to be addressed ? Thanks for any help
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