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  1. looking to sell my garrett gtx 3076r gen 2 turbo with a .82 rear housing t/3 in vband out matched with a 6boost manifold, come of my rb25 neo still in excellent condition only done 2000klms asking $3100
  2. spot on Johnny, when we spend outrages amount's off money on built engines we need as many protections as possible,as you have just stated these are what all new ECUS provide today and is what people want nomatter what ECU brand they buy.
  3. I here you, its a shame at the end of the day your one tiny little peace of the puzzle they couldn't give a rats about, but they have made a big mistake this time treating a reputable business the way they have, its only going to hurt them in the long run.Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
  4. RP recommended the adaptronic as the power FC wasn't going to be suitable with my set up. they have sucsesfully used adaptronic in many cars with no problems until now.
  5. when a problem arises its not as simple as some think, they have to find whats going on, which means time and money spent. the second unit put in still has to be put on the dyno and run to make sure everything is running properly, there's more time and money, that's my point. That would have to be one of the worst analogy's I've ever herd.If indeed the units were faulty I should be reimbursed for the time and money having to find the issues but I know that's not the way it works but I thought it was worth a try.You carn't just send the ECU back to them for a exchange without logs and the issues at hand. this is time consuming and someone will end up out of pocket.
  6. Both ECUS were running and the car was operational, all wiring has been checked and found to be in perfect order, this is what I've been told and have no reason to dought it.But in the back of my mind I wonder,so we will find out when the third one goes in soon. I was surprised that adaptronic was going to swap it with one of the haltech units but very disappointed they wernt going to chip in with the dyno needed to tune that ECU, after spending a hell of a lot of money I need to ease up a bit and get some driving time in and enjoy what is a awesome car, after all I wanted a new ECU for greater protection for my motor and peace of mind.
  7. thanks for that, I don't think my nerves could handle it if this ecu fails,,adaptronic has double checked the unit and passed it to be fault free, it is in transit and should be here by the end of the week.i hope everything goes to plan and I can get my car back after 4 weeks, time will tell, thanks everyone for your input makes me feel a lot better.
  8. I hope that's not the case, third ECU will be installed at the end of the week fingers crossed.
  9. I asked if they would replace it with one of there haltech units they said yes, but they wouldn't refund the cost of the dyno. So it looks like number 3 ECU is on its way, what are the odds that three ECUS are faulty.
  10. Thanks for your input that's exactly what im hearing, that's a shame as the old owner andy would help everyone.
  11. there has been a lot of dyno time spent solving the problems which ive been told wont cost me,but the customer service with them is a joke,there is no phone number to contact them and everything has taken way to long, they are now haltech they bought adaptronic out. racepace motorsport contacted them all last week and they didn't even have the decency to return there emails. I was going to go for a link ECU too but was convinced otherwise. Apparently the third ECU is on its way.
  12. Thanks for the input Dr Phill great to hear weather its good or bad.
  13. both ecu's had different issues racepace motorsport know there stuff, they install these units all the time, but since haltech has now bought out adaptronic there seems to be issues poping up.The first ECU was running fine for five days then it had a hissy fit causing all sorts of gremlins, the second ECU had misfire issues when idling and at a certain rev range but everything else seemed to be fine, they even tried it on another car and it did the same thing.i hope someone else can enlighten me on anything they have herd on the grape vine.
  14. racepace in Bayswater has installed both ECU's and tested both units to be faulty my entire set up is all brand new, I'm at the point where I don't think I want another one and was wondering if anyone had herd of there ECU's being faulty or giving people trouble.
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