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  1. Want to buy a stroker kit 86.5mm for my RB 25 rb28
  2. No longer wanted found some .
  3. after a set of r34 gtr rear axles
  4. WTB r34 GTR seats any condition
  5. Your going to be pushing to get to 600 whp with that turbo,i had the gtx 3076 gen 2 and maxed it out at around 520 whp with a .83 rear housing on e85 pushing around 24 psi, just put a g35 900 on and makes the 600 whp with ease and hardly any more lag than the gtx 3076 gen 2, these new g series are a game changer.
  6. Good to see you persisted and now you're getting the handle of it, now you get my last comment I chirp the wheels all the time just to get the thing moving, on the flat its fine but once you take off on a incline its more challenging, great to see you didn't bag the clutch its just what it is.mines a ceramic clutch which can handle a lot more heat, I use mine down the strip so I needed something to handle the launches.
  7. unfortunately with this sort of clutch you have to be aggressive with them, meaning you have to get the revs up or you will stall it every time.i have the same problem with mine as they get warmer they grab instantly. but I had no option as I was needing something to handle lots of grunt,i am use to it now but you get a few funny looks from some people as you take off.
  8. I have a new set up with the new g35 900 on my built 25 and was getting bad boost creap on my 50mm gate,.was told a 60mm gate would control it but the problem is they are a big gate and you will run into problems fitting it into the area, ac lines get in the way, dump gets in the way, ABS bracket gets in the way you get my drift, my point is you can be up for some big money just to fabricate it to fit, but the 50mm you wont have any problems.
  9. Hi all I have some spare parts which just come off my r34 skyline split fire coils for a neo $300 continental flex fuel sensor $180 Crank angle sensor $100 Car mate turbo timer $40 walbro 460 fuel pump $130 coils and flex fuel sensor and fuel pump only 12 months old
  10. I have one if you want it pm me cheers robin.
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