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  1. Just received my R34 GTT custom badge kit, absolutely awesome and great quality. fitted great and looks mint, i highly recommend these badges.
  2. Just ordered a set will let you guys know what there like.
  3. I have a garrett G 35 900 with a .83 rear housing in perfect condition, price $3000 only done 2000 klm
  4. Looks like it will be fine, do you have the bottom cover for the knob
  5. I have up for sale a RB 25 gearbox out of my R34 GTT, its been completely rebuilt with new synchro's, bearings, and close ratio gear set 1st to 5th, only done 200klms then pulled out as i have a sequential now, spent over 7k on it. gearbox is at the engine builders so bare with me until i can get there and take some photos. price $5500
  6. ok i will have to check to see if its compatible with my ECU
  7. You must remember if your upgrading your head bolts and the torque on the bolts are greater than the old ones you will put your cylinders bores out of round slightly. this may lead to other problems
  8. Oil pump is RB 25 stock, rebuilt will reemax billet gear set price drop to $400
  9. Not quiet sure think it's standard, it's at the work shop i will give them a ring and find out.
  10. Also have a billet geared oil pump if anyone is interested rebuilt only done 8000 klms $500 with reemax billet gears
  11. For sale is a RB 25 neo rotating assembly, custom cp pistons with ceramic coating, nitto H beam rods with arp 2000 bolts and stock crank fitted with a nitto crank collar, cleaned and grub screwed micro polished and balanced with the rods and pistons all work done by racepace motorsport, only done 8000 klms removed from engine as going a stroker, all in top condition can be confirmed by racepace motorsport. price $2000 contact me for pictures as having problems downloading them.
  12. Want to buy a stroker kit 86.5mm for my RB 25 rb28
  13. after a set of r34 gtr rear axles
  14. WTB r34 GTR seats any condition
  15. Your going to be pushing to get to 600 whp with that turbo,i had the gtx 3076 gen 2 and maxed it out at around 520 whp with a .83 rear housing on e85 pushing around 24 psi, just put a g35 900 on and makes the 600 whp with ease and hardly any more lag than the gtx 3076 gen 2, these new g series are a game changer.
  16. Good to see you persisted and now you're getting the handle of it, now you get my last comment I chirp the wheels all the time just to get the thing moving, on the flat its fine but once you take off on a incline its more challenging, great to see you didn't bag the clutch its just what it is.mines a ceramic clutch which can handle a lot more heat, I use mine down the strip so I needed something to handle the launches.
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