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  1. R34 core support has been stripped. I will be working on the R32 core support today.
  2. I don’t plan on messing with any of that. I’m gonna swap on the 32 core support with the 34. I’m sure there will be some fab work to get it on. I only have the front nose not the whole front clip.
  3. Yes they did but they used the r32 core support.
  4. Yes most are a dead end or not the way I’m doing this conversion.
  5. Most likely using the rear half of the r32 fender and blending the r34 front half to it but that’s why I’m asking... If I have to make a custom fiberglass fenders that’s not a issue. Thanks for the input but I’m looking for actual experience on the topic. I get that it could be a little bit more work than a r32 core support replacement and that’s no problem either. I have time.
  6. Hello has anyone performed this conversion? I’m currently in the process of getting my 32 back on the road. Thanks
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