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  1. Front end wiring conversion complete. Intercooler and pipes going for welding tomorrow.
  2. I’m not interested in building another exact same car again (yeah it’s was clean and cool) but I would rather just sell it as is if that were the case.
  3. Yeah I’m in Arizona. R32, R33 rb25 stroked to rb26 forged internals 500whp engine, R34 front end. Possibly one of a kind but idk.
  4. Core support was in bad shape and getting a R32 core support is near impossible in the states. I’m not sure what comes with the bee r kit either. Very little info on it. Oh and fiberglass....no thanks.
  5. Because I can. Why else...LOL haven’t you heard of thinking outside of the box or being creative...is this not allowed on this site? Should I search this forum on how to keep my skyline stock? The question for you is why would I do that... I already built it once.
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