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  1. Hello the the spark plugs are brand new, ignition coils from the Audi R8 (VAG) also new .. has brought no change. Boost pressure is standard,
  2. Hello here are a few photos of my Nissan Skyline GT Four. Specs are RB 25 DET NEO Gearbox made of R33 GTR, Pedals too, Clutch Nismo Coolmix, exhaust system Jasba R34 GTR BodyKit ZTune Nismo GTR speedometer VAG ignition coils, Walbro fuel pump etc. The problem is that it only turns up to 3200 rpm then it switches off, in the first it rotates up to 4000rpm. have already exchanged a lot does not work ..
  3. Hi my Nissan does not pull properly, in first gear up to 5000rmp from the 2nd only up to 3200rmp. It feels as if the engine is going out, then I hang my head on the steering wheel. The engine is standard, the only change being converted from automatic to manual transmission. Petrol pump is a Walbro 244.VAG ignition coils, does anyone have any idea what it could be? Maf, has already been changed.. Sotty for my English,,,
  4. My name is Chris and I come from Germany, my car is a Nissan GT Four, turbo conversion, optics ZTune .. I hope you can help me with my Problem. Sorry for mein English..
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