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  1. That's what I'm doing, I have an excel spreadsheet of like a million things that I want to get done. I'm more just asking as I cant find anything to do with intakes with my NA skyline, including cold air, I just want advice for my spreadsheet so I can finally have most of the things finished up.
  2. I know its nothing major, but considering I am a P plater, I cant go out and chuck on a racing level Cold Air Intake
  3. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me out, I own a 1998 R34 NA and looking to upgrade my intake to an Apexi power intake but cant find any for the NA R34, but there is one for the NA R33 and I know that the R33 GTST and R34 GTT intakes are interchangeable, but are the NA versions of these cars compatible? Thanks
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