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  1. Thanks Ben need to start drinking more
  2. Got the car on the scan tool crank sensor had failed leading to the ecu pulling heaps of timing out of the engine hence loss of power no biggie got a sensor apparently it is the same as a maxima so all fixed car ran better than when I first got it 2 days later and 60 km or so sat there and cried as my car bled coolant everywhere at the recycle can place checked it over plastic top tank end leaking next to the radiator top hose so another wad of cash needed new rad on the way fingers crossed all is well i forgot what import life was like took me 22 years to get my Jdm life back
  3. Ty E

    Engine light on

    Should be sweet by tomorrow
  4. Ty E

    Engine light on

    Crank angle sensor
  5. Ty E

    Engine light on

    Will do can’t do it till mechanic opens on Tuesday but thanks
  6. Ty E

    Engine light on

    I’ve got a 03 stagea 250t rs engine light came on once really quick I lost power then light cleared everything seemed fine now light is on 24/7 car is running about half power and stutters when crushing at 90 to 110 im thinking ignition coils or spark plugs any better ideas would be helpful
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