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  1. Hi Has any one got a R33 SII Cam Angle Sensor they want to off load Thanks Ryan
  2. I will order 1 this week and let you all know how it goes thanks for all the info
  3. Yeah about $200 might have to give 1 a try.
  4. Hi just looking at getting a b pillar brace do they do anything??? It bolts on the 2 bolts where the lower seatbelt rail is then runs to the same place on the other side thanks guys
  5. Stupid restrictor I got a jap filler neck without the thing to stop you using laded fuel been good ever since good luck
  6. 2001 thats the one i have a new one on the way from bigsully84 thanks guys
  7. Hi Guys I have a R33 2001 N/A whit a dead AFM the AFM has a green sticker on the side and 5 pins on the plug I hope some knows if i can use a RB25det afm or not my SII afm has 3 pins dose the SI have 5 pins thanks guys
  8. Item:EL Dials R33 GTST Location:Gosford Item Condition:Exclent Reason for Selling:Could not fit my self Price and Payment Conditions:$125 + Post SOLD Extra Info:I could not get needles through holes and did not want to pull them off. They are white in day light and go blue or green and night. Contact Details:ryan@gptech.com.au or PH 0411982090 Item:Oil Cooler with HKS remote filter mount and Thermostat Location:Gosford Item Condition:Exclent Used but fully cleaned Reason for Selling:not needed Price and Payment Conditions:$650 + Post SOLD Extra Info:It has a HKS Remote filter mount with thermostat (gets the oil up too normal temp faster rejuceing engine ware), EARLS cooler 300x195x50 (25 rows), EARLS speed flow fittings and braded lines (the 2short ones have small kinks and should be replaced The cooler has been flushed for 4 hours it is like new in side. Contact Details:ryan@gptech.com.au or PH 0411982090
  9. I was the first going down old pac 2 dicks went past then the cops came out behind me and pulled the 3 of over the 1st car got the sticker i got let off (i was not speeding) and i dont know about the other 1 the cops where ok other than that good turn out but we need to plan where we are going better eg Monas sheet of directions last wisemans cruse
  10. I am Cuming on the cruise
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