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  1. 😅I would but the community where I live strictly forbids any work on any cars or trucks. Security is always patrolling and will write a 300$ fine. I can take to a garage but they'd charge for it. That's why some of these questions may seem easy to anyone with space to work on their cars but it's the uptight community i live in. I apologize for these simple questions.😁
  2. can anyone tell me which is for my vehicle? The image without the flange is the one I ordered but the one pictured with the flange is from a 300zx tt. I was told by someone that the the one with the flange will fit also. Can someone shed some light on this for me? If both will fit, what is that flange for?
  3. When driving at higher speeds a feel a vibration through my steering wheel that I'm trying to eliminate. So far I've replace tires and control arms on all 4 sides. Now I have to replace the rear wheel bearing. I'm hoping that eliminates it. Afterwards I'll take her on highway to see if it dissappears. They just mentioned it at a garage about the ring and I wondered if that had to do with the driving. If you guys say there is no gap then I won't bother touching it.
  4. They actually came with the car from Japan when I bought her. Does putting in a ring eliminate any vibrations at higher speeds? What does the ring do?
  5. hey everyone. As stated in the title, is there a center ring that is suppose to be in there around the hub so it is flush with my rim? Someone at the shop says yes I need one. If not a ring, then is it fine the way it is? I'll order one if needed but what is it called?
  6. Ok. I do have a warranty on the alignment. If I were to take her back to redo the alignment, is there a rear setting I should be shooting for or just make sure she is in the green?
  7. I really have no idea. I have a 6 month warranty in the alignment. If I were to take her back, is there a number I should be shooting for her? All I know is that it is in the green.
  8. Oh ok. My daily is an S2000 and it doesn't feel like that at all.
  9. Hello everyone. So I installed my Hicas delete kit.(picture below). After install, i had my alignment done. The bushings are the ones I installed that came with it. Now when I drive and shifting through gears, i feel my rear end wanting to fish tail a little. Is this normal? I'm driving an r33 gtst. Just want to know so I don't take her back to garage to get them to look it over again.
  10. I'm swapping my fuel tank from an s15 into my r33 gtst and would like to know if the sensor in the image is the fuel level sensor? The tank in the picture it's the S15 btw.
  11. Thanks. I wanted to make sure because they came from Japan and sending them back would be a pain.
  12. Can anyone confirm if these will fit into stock gtst 1993 r33? I know I should pull the pads to see myself but my car is at a garage at the moment and I'll be driving this weekend to drop them off to get them installed along with other parts. Before I drive there, I'd like to know before hand. First picture is for the front and second is for the rear. Thank you.
  13. I've been searching but like I answered the previous post, the Ebay seller said r33 was produced in 95 not 93. Here it's my vin#
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