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  1. Thanks! I emailed kudosmotorsports and told then my situation, if they can confirm what I asked, I'll definitely grab an s14 or s15 fuel tank. That's probably my better shot at a replacement tank.
  2. So I've had no luck in finding a fuel tank for my r33 gtst. BUT! I've read that the s14 and r33 share the same fuel tank. Can anyone confirm that this is true before buying an s14 fuel tank? The international shipping for a fuel tank from the uk to Florida usa is almost 800$!! So if I read the information is correct, an s14 will fit. Anyone can confirm this, if it fits, will there be any mods need to be done to make the tank fit? Like fuel pump, hoses, bolts e.t.c... I figure I can easily get an s14 fuel tank quicker and cheaper than an r33 fuel tank. Help please!
  3. Yes an r33, sorry, I was in a rush. I'm located in fort Lauderdale Florida. USA.
  4. 1993 gtst skyline fuel tank needed. It is a plastic tank. Mine broke at the seams and can't be fixed. If you have a metal one, will it fit? Hope someone has one if not, looking at a fuel cell or fabrication job.
  5. Update: well it seems that it is leaking from the weld seams. it wasn't from rusting out but just came apart from a bad hit. Ive tried to look for gas tanks specific to that model but should I expand my search to other models? If so, anyone know what other tank will fit in there? I can have the shop weld the seams back together. If I get it welded, will it hold better or just the same shit?
  6. Hello all. I have a 93 skyline gtst. Gas leaks from the left of the white nipple that you see in the picture. It goes from full tank and leaves me with a quarter tank and does this within a matter of hours. When it leaks its a small steady stream until my tank is down to a quarter. I plan on putting the car on a ramp this weekend but wanted opinions on where it may be coming from? A leaky hose, seal? I'm mechanically inclined but is this an easy job or should I leave it to a garage to fix? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Thank you. My question is do you guys think I should take her to a Nissan mechanic or a tuner mechanic to look her over? or will just any mechanic do? I thought a Nissan mechanic because they "should" know more about the car than any other? Or would a shop that specializes in tuner cars do a better job? Thanks for yall opinion.
  8. They said it was verified in the posting and I talked to several people there. All I can do is go by what they said. Some of the vehicles said verified and others didn't. This one said it was.
  9. Hello all I'm from south Florida. I just purchased a black 93 skyline gtst. It is currently being delivered from Washington state. I bought it from Rhdspecialties. This is my first turbo car purchase and can't wait to read up on it as much as possible to maintain her. 49000 kilometers, she is still a virgin. Here are some pics being loaded onto a flat bead. I don't have plans to track or drift her because I don't know much about that stuff. Only upgrades from time to time based on the info that is being shared on this forum. I can't wait to get my hands on her!
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