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  1. And have considered ls swap but want to hear that classic Rb growl And flutter and personally think rb’s look better than an ls in a skyline
  2. Ok thanks guys yeah am getting ready to build a rb25/30 to put in once I get my licence so no rush so want to take the time to get everything right kiwiRS4T how did you go about 30 swapping your ride what trany, head, internals, ecu, harness etc did you use
  3. Hi guys have done a days with of searching and haven’t found a thing about what is needed to fit a rb25det neo gearbox to a rb30et engine block also does anyone know if you can use r34 stock engine mounts to hold the rb30 block
  4. Hi mate if the offer still stands I would be happy to give you your six pack
  5. Hi mate how much for the carbon fibre gearstick cover with ash tray(don’t know what to call the piece)
  6. Hi mate I’m very interested in you engine blocks if the offer still stands than I would be more than happy taking the block with pistons and where abouts in qld are you im just below Brisbane at mt cotton
  7. Ok thanks guys am going to slowly but intelligently adapt it to a gtt standard suspension, brakes, drivetrain and then when I get full open license throw in an actual rb25det neo with its turbo 😁
  8. Hi guys am looking to buy a r34 gtt gearbox and rb25det neo engine will pick up if in south east qld otherwise will pay extra for delivery
  9. Ok another question Is the drive shaft on the r34 gt the same as the one on the gtt
  10. Ok thanks guys Well I think I’m goin to buy a rb25det neo block for cheap and build my way from there
  11. would it be worth it if I got my fuel injectors cleaned for $100 and do you know if a gtt solid shift kit would fit in a gt gearbox and if not is there a solid shift kit for a gt
  12. Ok thanks mate saved me alota time and money any suggestions on tires, suspension and brakes am goin with the classic 19 te37 ultra track edition I recon
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