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  1. Hi guys So Ive been building a fully forged rb20 with kelford 272 cams g4x ngtr plug in bosch 044 pump out of a surge tank It’s getting chucked into a s13 drifta Engines gunna be back from the machine shop in 2 weeks and I’ve been getting a turbo sorted 420-450hp is what I’m aiming for I was originally going after a 3071 gen 2 off pulsar but after talking with some people who’ve done it before they said a 2871 would be better but might not make it to 450 But there’s a new turbo that kinagawa have done called the TD05H that’s bolt on for rb20/25 that I got told is the way to go but there aren’t many reviews on it Ive been told it’s got basically no lag and can easily do 450+ but will need low 20’s pound of boost I’m going with the 8cm rear 20g billet Compressor wheel 9 blade sts turbine wheel so im just after a second opinion if anyone else has run this turbo? cheers
  2. I’m selling my 1998 Nissan skyline r34 gt About 150000Km Car was imported from Japan a while back by the previous owner and has been fully converted to the English language and to meet Australian laws Car is fully legal to be registered and L and P plate friendly Car is currently unregistered Reason for selling is because I need the money for a drift car Car is basically stock apart from the listed parts: Andy’s auto sport led tail lights Nismo oil fill cap Brand new battery Rays aluminium lug nuts Bride shift boot cover Sticker bomb front fenders Aftermarket sony radio fitted Full Kakimoto exhaust system fitted Carbon fibre wrapped lower dash panel and ash tray New Auscar 18x8 revolve rims with new new tires Complete suspension rebuild and wheel alignment Purple aluminium Momo hand brake Cars interior is in great condition Engine Rb25de neo Just had oil and oil filter changed And gearbox oil has just been changed as well Polished valve covers and intake manifold Aftermarket silver air pod filter Engine bay is very clean and has a great look Cons: Sticker bomb front fenders are faded Front bar has a few paint chips and a split at the side Rear spoiler has also got paint chips and is quite faded Carbon fibre wrap is starting to peel and bubble Car needs a wash that I will do soon Comes with stock steering wheel and shift knob Apart from that the car is great, handles really well and for a n/a it pulls great Phone number is-0467630591 Email is- [email protected]
  3. Look guys I’m sorry ok I am new to all this so try not to be to harsh on me So I am open to being corrected what I’m trying to achieve is to get the two inside (tail lights) with the indicator in the middle to work
  4. Mate i already told you I’ve checked it them and it’s not them it’s the wires in the loom
  5. Yeah I know what you said all I wanna know is where in the loom is the wire cut for the (TAIL) lights
  6. My brake lights all work fine it is the tail lights( the one with the indicator in the middle) that are not working and there is no problem with the lights because I tested it with a one of those power checking things with the two prongs that you poke into each wire and it indicated that there where 0 wats going through the tail light wires on both sides
  7. Hi guys So I just got a pair of new nismo taiI lights$$$$$$$$$$$ but when I hooked them up I noticed the two inside breaking lights don’t work i looked it all up and I’ve found that in Australia the compliance’s disconnect/ cut the wires the problem is where abouts in the loom is the cut or disconnected wires I have searched myself with no success so this is my last resort thanks jack
  8. And have considered ls swap but want to hear that classic Rb growl And flutter and personally think rb’s look better than an ls in a skyline
  9. Ok thanks guys yeah am getting ready to build a rb25/30 to put in once I get my licence so no rush so want to take the time to get everything right kiwiRS4T how did you go about 30 swapping your ride what trany, head, internals, ecu, harness etc did you use
  10. Hi guys have done a days with of searching and haven’t found a thing about what is needed to fit a rb25det neo gearbox to a rb30et engine block also does anyone know if you can use r34 stock engine mounts to hold the rb30 block
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