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  1. Replaced idle control valve tried to set it lower too, Replaced maf, Swapped temp sensors. Is there an easy way for checking for vacuum leaks or just do the soapy water
  2. Yeah but im wondering if the thing idling at 2000rpm has to do with because the ecu is auto
  3. ive just converted my r32 automatic skyline to a manual (rb25det box), The car originally had an rb20det motor and now is an rb25de, It idles at 2000rpm and ive tried everything to change it but one thing i never changed was the ECU, Can i just put an r32 manual ecu in it and will it idle and run a heap better?
  4. How am i supposed to tell what colour is for the reverse on the auto wires?
  5. Hey guys I’ve fitted an rb25det manual box in my r32 it was automatic before i need to know what to do for the wiring basically everything I need to do it get it running there’s two plugs coming off the side of the gearbox and I need to know what to do with them
  6. Thanks very much i will definitely look into it, Appreciate it
  7. Hi, Im in the middle of converting my r32 automatic transmission to an rb25det manual gearbox, I know that the r33 yolk is supposed to be swapped on the r32 for the tailshaft and some people are saying you might have to get the tail shaft cut down too, Basically im just wondering if i got the r33 yolk and got it put on the r32 auto tailshaft if it world fit, The gear box and tranny seem to be the same size so i dont think id have to get it cut but thought id ask for some help. Also if anyone knows if i need to get a custom mounting bracket for the rb25det manual to fit properly or the r33 one will fit. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi I’m wondering if any online website sells a front lip for an r32 gtst bumper, Dont really wanna go the GTR style I’ve seen a gtst with a front lip that actually looked really good but I’m struggling to find one even if it’s possible that a GTR front lip might fit?
  9. Hi i need some help with my car. I had a mechanic look over it and he said something to do with the throttle control isnt working at all\ Its an R32 GTS-T with a motor swap to an RB25De non turbo also its an auto also the auto isnt working properly and gets stuck in 3rd unless you pull the T bar down into 2nd or 1st and rarely goes into fourth Anyways when you accelerate and let the foot off the peddle the can doesnt decelerate it just rolls were a working auto shouldnt do that, It also idles at like 1200rpm and doesnt go down when the car is heated up I need help understanding what i actually need to replace and fix and if i can do it myself Thanks
  10. The engine is still in the car and I’ll take some photos but of what? The injectors or the engine
  11. Sorry the engine was swapped to an rb25 by one of the previous owners and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a det Turned de or if it’s a factory de
  12. Hi, I bought an r32 gtst almost a year back and ive been fixing all the little bits and pieces to get it to the stage of a road worthy. The guy i bought it off said its got an rb25det, The motor is N/A at the moment but im not sure if its de or det. The head is stamped 75T and so is the block. Any way of telling if it was originally turbo'd. New to the skylines and tryna learn. Thanks sorry if this is in the wrong place.
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