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  1. Thank you GTS. Agreed on the previous owner.
  2. Hey everyone, This is more of a question what you guys think of my camshafts. Should I replace them, should I look for further troubles elsewhere? Am I making mountains out of molehills and should expect this from such a hot engine?
  3. I can tell you’re no stranger to the jokes and I feel like its a set up with that Ferrari comment so I’ll save us the jokes. Listen to your family, the Skyline is not a rocket ship without a considerable amount of money dropped into it (I know you have a family who supports it). But really, why would you want an old car with no airbags and unpredictability? Do you plan on this car being your identity? I personally think this is one of those scenarios you should look at as Right Car wrong Place and time. Get a Buick Encore with apple car play and live life. Or take yours Dads bank info, man up and buy the car. Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  4. Body is straight, was able to get that done before covid. Its the “little” pieces which has been time (and money!) consuming. But I’m taking my time
  5. Hey everyone, been awhile since I’ve posted. Been pretty busy though. Heres some pics. also, would anyone suggest something about my cams? Is it normal to look so “cooked”? Thanks. Happy New Years.
  6. Thanks GTS, I appreciate all your input. Im going to rip apart the front end and just do it right this time around.
  7. So I degreased the potential problem areas and found some interesting stuff. I knew my power steering pump seemed expired but Unfortunately I came across this sight. Any ideas? You can see the coolant gathering under the oil pan. You can also see a droplet on one Of the Hicas lines in the front. Could it be a bad gasket? Bad water pump? Thanks everyone for your help
  8. Just saw rhdspec’s post the pics on IG. Congrats brother
  9. Love the styling, profile and sound of these. Hows the interior?
  10. Fellow New Jersey-ian ??. Welcome aboard, good luck with the build! Just curious what kind of vehicle do you plan on stuffing the built RB in?
  11. The love for Skylines are always there! Welcome aboard
  12. I will take you up on that offer! ?
  13. Thank you Prank! Hopefully I can be of some use
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