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  1. Thanks GTS, I appreciate all your input. Im going to rip apart the front end and just do it right this time around.
  2. So I degreased the potential problem areas and found some interesting stuff. I knew my power steering pump seemed expired but Unfortunately I came across this sight. Any ideas? You can see the coolant gathering under the oil pan. You can also see a droplet on one Of the Hicas lines in the front. Could it be a bad gasket? Bad water pump? Thanks everyone for your help
  3. Just saw rhdspec’s post the pics on IG. Congrats brother
  4. Love the styling, profile and sound of these. Hows the interior?
  5. Fellow New Jersey-ian 👋🏽. Welcome aboard, good luck with the build! Just curious what kind of vehicle do you plan on stuffing the built RB in?
  6. The love for Skylines are always there! Welcome aboard
  7. I will take you up on that offer! 👍
  8. Thank you Prank! Hopefully I can be of some use
  9. Thank you! 90 percent of the time its never a good idea to throw money into a car, period. But I’m in it for a humble amount and have been pretty lucky so far in the journey. On the flip-side don’t be surprised to see me in these forums asking for advice more often than not 😉.
  10. Great looking car, I've always loved the 33's. Welcome
  11. Also I had added some ATF to my power steering and turned lock to lock. The steering isnt jittery any more and the squeal stopped when at idle but if I were to rev the motor it would let a scream out momentarily
  12. 💪🏽 i will try the degreasing next. I thought it was a bad pump at first listen but when I sprayed the a/c belt With a tad bit if water the noise went away temporarily. Thanks for the suggestion
  13. Hello all, So as the title states I’ve been a long time User of this forum. I purchased a salvaged GTR in April of last year and have slowly been working on it to get it on the road. I’ll post some pics of where I started to the point I’m at now. There is still a decent amount of work that needs to be done and I typically get a few hours a week to put my work in. I am still learning and by no means a car guru, just a grown kid who never lost his love for GTR’s. I appreciate the read and any suggestions!
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