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  1. I based that Calculation off 60L.. if it was 65L then my consumption would be even worse aka 16.25l / per 100km
  2. R34 fuel consumption- N/a sedan auto Are r34’s really shit on fuel? Like I’m not a lead foot & most of my driving is on highways. I’ve filled up twice, once with 95 & once with 98 & am reaching the halfway mark on the fuel gauge after only doing 190-200kms? That’s around 15L/per 100kms or 6.67km/per L... Is this normal ??
  3. I have a November 1999 NA R34 Sedan auto. How do you tell whether it’s a standard 25GT or 25GT-X? I’ve noticed the chassis numbers are the exact same so what’s the different features? How do you tell the difference? It has xenon headlights, pillar trims with tweeters, rear cup holders in centre console Not sure if they are standard across all sedans. I can’t find any info on it?
  4. Omg really lol.. so when the car is on idle and no one is touching the wheel the light will go on? Will it only go away when your driving the car correctly?
  5. Red / orange steering wheel “on” light on r34 auto dash.. what does it mean?? See photo for location of light
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