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  1. FullSizeRender.mov Hello all, wondering how I would go about doing rust repair on my r32 gtst. Pinch welds were bent in by a shop and I tried to bend it back with some vice grips and scraped alot of paint off to reveal rust forming behind where it was bent in. I just sprayed a gel-like rust protection coating on to try to slow it down, but I'd want to completely sandblast it off FullSizeRender.mov . Thank you in advance. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Any cons u can see with the s14? It’s got really low km both on engine and body, so that’s a big plus for me.
  3. I think he was just trying to save some money. He's got over 100 reviews all 5 stars and well known in the car community
  4. Okay just a question tho, what’s wrong with fitting twins on the neo? I’ve looked it up a bit and couldn’t find much, but the owner of the r32 is the owner of a very reputable jdm shop that is known for doing some crazy custom work. I think I’m a little biased and trying to justify buying the 32 over the s14 haha. I’ve always wanted a skyline
  5. So I have the opportunity to buy 2 different cars for the same price and I would like your opinions. I am in Calgary which has a lot of snow but I have a wrx for that. So here we go, 1995 Silvia S14 Kouki, RB26DETT swap, RB25 trans, lots of mods mostly bolt ons, 23,000 original km 1991 Skyline R32 GTST, RB25DET NEO swap, RB26 twin turbos, RB20 trans, protuned, Brand new paint job worth 5k, 144,000km on body, less than 50,000 on engine. Thoughts?
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