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  1. Well I like the engine bay, I think they got that right!
  2. I just found some pics of this custom gtr by veilside and thought I'd share them. It's apparently up for sale for 120k.
  3. Can't argue with that!! I like my Impul better, hey is it true all impul's came out as autos?
  4. Look up that gtr station wagon on Google, very quick and one of a kind!
  5. I seen this stagea the other day, very tidy and had a milo tin exhaust so a little work done and sounded alright for a neo (I think??) But I'd prefer this gtr wagon I found online lol!!!
  6. Can you tell me how to get one like that, I've been looking around and everything I've come across is expensive and can't really see how it's installed. So leaves me a little hesitant to buy. I'm going to buy a washer/catch can and change my current set up. Plus I tthink it will make the engine bay a lot better hey.
  7. I finally uploaded some pics and put it in the for sale section W.A. Took me a while but I got there cheers!
  8. I put the car in the for sale section W.A. mate if you wanna have a look. It took me a while due to moving house, work commitments and seizing the locker diff to top things off!
  9. I love the wheels, what's the profile on them?
  10. Cheers, I'm just trying to do it on the cheap but your right better to be safe than sorry hey!!
  11. Still stuck on best place to get bearings/seals kit for my diff too. Plus tried many options to get part no's with very little luck, anyone point me in the right direction so I don't get ripped off!!!
  12. I have the same problem when I hit above 7500 to 8000 revs, I think the r35s are the way to go. I've got the car up for sale but I will probably keep if no one's willing to pay the 20k I'm asking and just keep improving her over time. My benefit their loss hey!
  13. I've got a nice dirtbike and I have to say trail or track riding is exercise but lucky for me 40 mts away is Bush to ride in. But I'm being conservative as hard as it is. I take my car for a run occasionally but don't stop anywhere just to keep her breathing clean as that's important to me. I'm sure to many others too hey!
  14. 1993 skyline r33r impul 4 door 2.6 gtr motor single turbo 5 spd twin plate clutch Gtr brakes with flexible braided lines In tank internal pump to swirl pot to 2x external 340lph bosch fuel pumps. Link ECU Yolk 18x235 front and 18x265 rear rims. Tien adjustable coil overs with adjustable dampening control unit in dash. Also whiteline front and back stabiliser bars. Handles good for age. Engine had extensive work internally. Crack tested, blueprinted and balanced. All aftermarket exceeding 50k to build. All engine work done by all star garage Perth. Currently driving with stock lsd but have a tomei locker included, just in pieces chasing bearing and seal kit to rebuild. 3" stainless Jasma exhaust with screamer pipe too. the last photo shows the front bumper not the best and bonnet got a dent at the very front. All up probably 5 to 6 minor dents and a few stone chips but overall still a really nice car with no major work to restore to its former glory. Really nice to drive and a headturner too not to mention eats hsv gts's and fpv gt's for breakfast!!! Not to mention gtr's, gtst's too! Very hard to obey the speed limit and nothing sounds better than hitting boost hearing the screamer pipe do it's job!!! I want 20k firm, no dreamers, no tyre kickers and if you know what your looking at price self explanatory. I'm not desperate to sell and the longer I have the more I will do to it and probably decide to keep. Please text me to enquire and a good time to ring you as I work long hrs. Thank you. Email : [email protected] Phone : 0477582361
  15. Massive difference in price and looks more trick than the other set up too, thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction mate. Your a bloody legend!!!
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