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  1. By chance does anyone know the name of this body kit? I've searched the internet pretty hard, went through a few threads on here that have collated body kits but have been unsuccessful. Thanks, Jip ( source: https://www.jm-imports.co.uk/index.php/1999-nissan-skyline-r34-gtt-5-speed-manual/)
  2. Hi guys, Firstly, I've scouted the forums previous dicussions surrounding the differences between R34 GT-T series 1 and 2. These have been very helpful, however I am seeking a specific peice of information that I am hoping someone would be able to either provide a credible reference (brochure pictures) or via ownership know the answer. I am looking to buy the titled car, esp now with GTR dreams aligning with lotto dreams, however wish to confirm the colour of the engine bay as either gray or that dark colour. This is as I have seen bayside blue chassis (referenced against GTR Registry) as having both gray and the dark colour. Given the premium this colour is asking I just want to be sure im not looking at a number job. PS - I am aware of the situations with the R34 GTR's, where the engine bay is dark for bayside blue unless it is a V Spec II where it is colour coded to the exterior (including M-Spec, Nurs etc). I am after GT-T specific information. Much appreciated!
  3. Hey fellas, looking at purchasing a run of the mill RB25DET, manual which is located at Adeliade, SA. J. Wondering if anyone has recommendations or experiences with any workshops or inspection specialist. Appreciate the help.
  4. Hey All, After a bit of information to help me with my GTR searches. I am looking at a R34 in bayside blue (TV2) with a VIN that is listed on GTR-registry as a series 2 base model gtr (production year 2000). The car does have the series 2 interior however the engine bay is not body colour, it is a darker colour. Could anyone else on this forum who has a series 2 in bayside confirm their engine colour as being bayside blue or a darker blue. Just confused as I have up until this point believed that only the series 1 had the darker engine bays (depending on body colour) and series 2 had body colour engine bays. The car I am looking at is appears to be clean and has records but this is bugging me. Also is there anything else I could look towards which would be a give away? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the info. I am currently looking at a series 2 R34 and I noticed that the engine bay is not the same colour as the body with is bayside blue. The engine bay is much darker. GTR-registry VIN check shows it is a series 2 and everything else checks out. Could someone else confirm if this was the case for base series 2 34's as i was under the impression that this was for series 1's only? Thanks!
  6. In the fourth picture, the left hand side looks a bit rusty and should be looked into - also the compliance plate is missing or did i miss it? The pictures of underneath do not look too bad, but overall i'd say do not rush into it. Better examples out there for sure. You can always go for a japan car history report and save yourself a headache - normally gives km's, accident history etc.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I have ended up deciding to sticking to whats already on our shores - looked at one or two already which popped up to my criteria. @MoMnDadGTR Thanks for the insights, I should budget that stuff in.
  8. Hi All, Just looking around to better understand BNR34's. I've looked at a car and running the VIN on gtr-registry it has the car listed as No Audio option. Does anyone know what should then be in the position of the stock radio/player? Is it just left empty or is it housed differently? Any further information would be useful. Looking at the options on the same website there is a note regarding no audio: No audio car, the rear glass antenna, FM diversity, front and rear speaker grills, and wiring harness is attached. As a dealer option, N'FIT offers audio or N'FIT navigation systems. (SOURCe: http://gtr-registry.com/en-bnr34-specs.php)
  9. Hi Guys, Been trying to find some information after finding a car which I like for sale in Japan. I've been in talks with the dealer, who has sent me an inspection report which was really just the auction sheet - not as comprehensive as I'd like. I want to have this car inspected by a company local to Japan so I can better understand its condition - something similar to an NRMA inspection in Sydney. It will be a private import and I will go through an import broker, however before I sign away circa 1,000AUD I want to make sure the car is the one I want. I have been looking into JEVIC, has anyone else been in a similar situation and can provide me with any insight/experience. AIM: to have a comprehensive inspection report on mechanical and structural integrity of the vehicle located at a dealer in Japan. Thanks in advance. Jip
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