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  1. @djr81, When I bought her, she had lenso project D's . Had to change rims to whats in the pic now after getting pulled over and told that the rims were too wide for the car (Which they were). Thankfuly, no fine and some "Advice" from the officer as to what he could have defected me for but didnt. @hardsteppa, Cheers, Been looking foward to modding one of these for a coupla decades. Now the hardest part is finding the money/time to do everything.......
  2. As per the title...... Bought an r33 gtst recently (Been after one since I was 15, am now 40.......*Sigh*), been creeping throught the forums for a coupla months now, and figured Id actually sign up in case I needed advice, etc, rather than trying to hunt it down from google. Anyhow, Heres what I sold my soul for (And I regret nothing......)
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