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  1. Price and power goals are the reasons I bought a GT3076R
  2. Well something more modern like a Haltech is something I’ll look into. But basically, I want a good and reliable ECU that call also plug into a screen to read vehicle speed, fuel level, coolant temp, etc. The cost of a PFC is good, but if there are better options for more money, I’d rather just spend the money. So say I want to look into something more modern/better. What’s a better ECU? Also, it’s an RB25 240SX
  3. I’m going with a Garrett GT3076R, 3 inch exhaust, probably 750cc injectors, top mount manifold, Walbro 255, and TiAL BOV and wastegate. Would a Power FC be good for this setup?
  4. Hey guys, I did some searching around and wasn’t really able to find any non-dated/useful information. I’m pretty new with wiring and electrical stuff on these RB’s, so give me some slack. Anyways, I’m in the market for a Power FC for my RB25DET, and I’m kinda just trying to see if the Power FC is the one for me. I know there’s plenty of monitoring you can do on your hand controller (boost, coolant temp, etc.), but could someone write a list of everything there is that you can monitor? I’m also interested in a multifunction-like gauge. Basically, I want to see speed, tach, water temp, etc. (the basic stuff), and I want it to be in a small gauge pod so it can be just mounted to the dash or whatever. Thanks guys!
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