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  1. Hello, i have a R34 GTR V spec and using Emtron ECU how ever i have the A-LSD 4WD lights in my dash and the car wont move anywhere unless i remove the shaft to run RWD i am getting Code 72 and 12(i guess from some readings 12 is nothing in V Spec but i maybe wrong) the Emtron Runs Analog output so i made sure i run the same voltage from TPS output to the ATTESA ECU with IGN key on but it still trigger erros in dash once starts,i did a bridge wire from ecu using the same method but still errors. the weird thing that when engine starts the voltage go different from in the attesa ecu than the tps output or ecu output..even with a bridged wire. any thoughts what could be wrong there ? Thanks. Sam.
  2. Hello, my name is Sam i am Tuner in Dubai i am happy to join here
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