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  1. Ah OK bud, I want my heater to work as it gets cold in England haha. Looks good though. I have a otaku inlet so it would have to work with that
  2. Awesome stuff cheers, so just screw into block for return and then feed from heater pipe,be interesting to see how you tee'd off this.
  3. That would be awesome if you could provide these please mate. All help is appreciated. Just trying to get mine running somewhat safe power for now until forged. If you can dm your setup etc and we can talk cheers
  4. Hi Guys, After some help and advice. I have been restoring a 4 Door Caged R32 Skyline, it has a NEO engine from a 34 5 Speed N/A that has been converted to a Turbo. It has Oil feed from Oil Sensor and drain to Sump. Now my question is I have a Gtx3076r Gen 2 which is also Water Fed so I believe I need to T off the Heater hoses. Now I do not have any as it was running oil only turbo and wasn't intended to run a heater. I do not have any heater to block lines currently so my question is how would I go about this, and does anyone who has done this have pictures of how they have T'd off. My intentions are to run safe power for now with boost limits to get it running and then eventually get it forged to up the boost. Alot of the threads I have read about DE+T are either old or assumptions. I know there aren't too many differences other than the higher crown pistons (compression ratio) no oil squirters and no oil/water feed lines to turbo from the block. So it is fully capable eventually. This is not my favoured route I wasn't made aware it was an NA block until I did some digging on block numbers etc. Any relevant advice would be ace. Please bare in mind I am not doing this full conversion it is already done just the water lines. Many thanks, Sam.
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