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  1. God damn they really went to town. I would check the integrity of tjose lines too as it looks like it may have even slipped on the jacks and bent those up too.
  2. My eyes are peeled, sorry to hear mate.
  3. Doesn't sound like R&R because it's having idle issues as well. If it has nothing but splitfire coils it makes you wonder why they upgraded the coils. Perhaps they were trying to solve the same issue, so I would check the ignitor if you have one and coil wiring. You can get a headstart by checking which coil is failing in particular by unplugging each one when it's running rough and listening for a lack of change. No change when it's unplugged means it wasn't working to begin with. You could also try running without the coilpack cover as a temporary fix, could lower the coil temp enough to keep it running better if coils are the issue. Can do the same thing with injectors, and you can pull the spark plugs to see if one cylinder is markedly different to the others.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but thought I would bump it instead of making a new one. Could this not be resonance from the worsening shaft play? This happened on a stock R33 I had years ago, and it never got worse, but the car was rear ended so I never got to see how it turned out. Now it's happening on my new R33, which had never made the noise before. I've had exhaust leaks before and it doesn't sound like that, and if it were an exhaust leak wouldn't it stick around under load? This sound lasts for about a second, and it's during transient throttle, like the turbo was spooling a bit but is now slowing down. It seems to me like the turbine is spinning up, under load so it doesn't wiggle, then when you're off throttle, it's briefly unloaded as it's between vacuum and boost, so it can wiggle a bit and begin to resonate.
  5. Hey mate, Very interested in the ECU, would you ship to SA at my cost?
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