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  1. Had me trusty ole garden hose by my side
  2. To pay you back for your excellent information, I will happily do electrical work on your car for you
  3. Yes I agree it’s not the best way but I have spent too long trying to fix this with little tools I have. It was a last resort. But I also want to thank you for your help with both problems I have posted here, I really appreciate it
  4. My relay was playing up so I bought a new one. And it solved most of the issue. Some wires where loose and also added to the problem.
  5. This is why my fuses kept blowing. I ended up putting a bigger fuse in and ran it until something started smoking, And well the dash is the last place I expected. I replaced the part as I was lucky enough to have a second one laying around. Everything works fine now.
  6. Like as in it’s inside the car? Not under or screwed in the side of the trans?
  7. I still can’t find this stupid reverse switch. I did also find out it has 5 gears which makes it a Re5R01a, not sure if that makes a difference in the location or not but there is very limited info on this so I might just end up taking it to a professional seeing as how retarted I am
  8. The fourth one for me shows a guy wanting to connect the wires from an auto box look to a manual box. Is the plug in a different location on the automatic transmission and is the trans the same on the r33 as the r32? If that’s not the right one could you link me the one you are talking about?
  9. Previous owner did a trans swap because it was bad so I’m assuming/hoping it blew from the old one. As for searching on here I can only find things relating to people doing auto to manual swaps and having trouble with wiring. All I really want is just to know where the location of the switch is so I can test it.
  10. My reverse lights don’t work. There was only one fuse blown in the car and it was a/t control fuse what ever that is but I replaced it Incase it had something to do with it and they still don’t work. i then checked the globes and they look fine, just a bit of rust in the plug the globe sits in. I then checked to see if power was getting to the connector in the boot and still nothing. So I believe it’s the reverse light switch, however I can’t find it. Is it on the side of the gearbox or is it built into the auto selector? Can anyone guide me in the right direction please. thanks
  11. I took apart the switch and the plastic was very brittle so it sort of just fell to pieces. I cleaned it all up and priced it back together the best I could and will test it tommorow. If it doesn’t work I will just give up and buy a new one
  12. Didn’t realise I could take that apart thanks
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