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  1. Hi team, I have just recently picked up my R33 Skyline GTR V Spec from the tuners. The actual driving experience is awesome and the car made exactly what power I wanted it to etc. The car made 409kw at the hubs on 24 psi but was eventually turned down to 377kw at the hubs on 20 psi (high boost) and 335kw at the hubs on 16psi (low boost) which is enough to scare my passengers lol. The tuner and myself were impressed and I was not expecting anything more considering it still has the stock block with twin turbos on pump 98 gas. However I am experiencing a few issues: 1. The vehicle has a brand new clutch installed which is a 230mm Organic Extreme twin plate clutch (converted from push to pull). When driving and shifting through the gears it feels great but taking off is not the same experience, the car seems to judder/ shake when releasing the clutch. Is this normal? Do I need new engine/ transmission mounts? Or do I just need to wait it out and bed the clutch in? 2. The car seems to drop revs on idle after a warm start and eventually switch off, cold starts are perfectly fine. 3. The tuner mentioned the vehicle dropped some oil near the gearbox when left over night at his shop. The car previously did not drop any oil before I sent it into the workshop. I now have the car at home which has been parked off for a few days so I could see where the oil is coming from and it hasn't dropped any oil? Could this just be a one off? Note: The car has traveled 80xxxkms (body and motor). Below are some images plus mods done to the vehicle for anyone intereseted: - HKS GT2530 Twin Turbos - HKS Straight Through Exhaust - Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin ECU - Custom Pod Filters - Hi Octane Oil Catch Can - Kelford 272 Cams - 1000cc Injectors - 350LPH Fuel Pump - Fuel Pressure Regulator - Full Cam and Crank Trigger Setup - Hicas Lock Bar - Extreme Twin Plate Clutch Organic Pull to Push Along with a fresh service top to bottom.
  2. The plan was to keep it extremely tidy, do a few more modifications to fulfill the 26dett potential and sell when the USA market opens and cash in $$$. However if I did receive an offer I couldn't resist I would let it go.
  3. Cheers guys, Forgot to mention an important pro - the car has only traveled 84xxxkms!!!
  4. Hi team, I have been following threads on this site for years and referring back to it whenever I'm in need of GTR advice. The R33 GTR has forever been my dream car and i recently purchased my very own around months ago at 24 years old. I inspected multiple R33's before finding my ideal one. Here is a basic description and some photos of my ride: 1995 Skyline R33 GTR V Spec in QM1 HKS GT2530 Twin Turbo Kit Complete HKS Exhaust with custom modification to Y pipe (straight through stainless steel from cat to rear muffler) Blitz FMIC Link G2 Ecu (yes i know it is old) BC Gold Coilovers Nismo Air Filter Oil Catch Can with Braided Lines These photos are prior to me purchasing my new wheels Cheers!!!
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