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  1. so i was browsing in fb market and found an r33 coupe for 14k. rumours are he had a 25de in before and i was wondering if he just slapped a turbo on it or its a genuine 25det and what would be the difference between 25de+t and 25det in terms of performance, here are some pics. and the only pic of the engine bay.
  2. @MoMnDadGTR Awesome advice man. Cheers!
  3. @GTSBoy@MoMnDadGTR thanks for the info guys currently looking at buying either vanilla 25 or NEO
  4. @GTSBoy Thanks for that info, I will definitely go for a NEO. I feel like ur gonna be a really good source for me man. Thanks for your help again!
  5. So I’m looking to get my r33 gts series 2 to 350-400hp and I don’t know which engine to get. I have the money just not the knowledge. I’ve read countless reviews from 2000s of a 25 vs NEO and the major disadvantage Was that it was hard to find parts for the NEO. Does this still hold true today in 2020?
  6. Late reply but bro thanks for that man. This the exact advice I was looking. I’m gonna do a 20det engine swap As I will only be taking this to 300-400hp so hopefully I can get him to check everything while engine switching
  7. Thanks a lot for the advice man. Will put into practice !
  8. Thanks Sam for the awesome advice. I was really confident with my clutch until yesterday where I stalled at a set of lights. Now confidence just gone out the door 😂 guess we have our days haha
  9. Thanks for that bro! Not to far aswell
  10. Hi everyone. I’m 20 and from NZ Auckland. I recently purchased a Skyline R33 gts just a week ago and I know f**k all about cars. This is my first manual transmission so some driving tips would be helpful as well. I Would like to get into cars as my passion has grown quite rapidly with the new purchase of my skyline. This car is completely stock with the rb20e (I think it is) and Has only been modded with aftermarket wheels. I would like to gain a substantial amount of knowledge starting from the basics of learning each part of a car both internally and externally and if you live in Auckland NZ and wanna help me build this thing and work on this project together or even show me how to drive this thing properly, just message me! Any starting points to start learning about cars? That would be great. Cheers
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