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  1. Ts Takata sucks. Go to Okayama and chase Schumacher’s lap. Power craft is a great shop I used to take my 34 there. Lastly I feel sorry for you since you are out in Iwakuni that place sucks balls I lived in Japan for over a decade and Iwakuni sucked the life Beau Brosch, Chey, and Justin are the only people worth talking to about cars over there There’s this guy from Hong Kong that fixes mfd’s and sells the screens if you need help I can help you out oh and it’s Kintai*
  2. thanks for the info! A friend of mine pioneered the Japanese tuners to stop using 90’s era t88s, gt-rs,and t51r’s back when the efr series started getting popular. Efr turbo’ed GTR’s were smashing the big turbo guys like me at Fuji so I figured I’d make the switch too. Just hard to find a quality tuner here in the states. I’m shooting for the moon I mean anything worth doing is worth over doing. Motor should be done here in a couple of months so I’ll post a dyno when I get it tuned. oh i bought the install package but didn’t come with the bolts to connect the super core to the exhaust housing any ideas what those bolt sizes are?
  3. Hey guys got tired of reading I got to page 100+ though around where the guy with the Supra with the nitrous. so my build rb30/26 with 9280 1.05 ar built head, cams are gsc s2 built block with 9.1 on e85 and haltech/motec haven’t decided which one. So is there finally a verdict on a 9280 test on how much power it’ll put down? how much bar/psi can I run? Im a circuit guy and I don’t really care about drag/ power so long as I get some bad ass lap times but, could I reach 1000 whp on an American dyno?
  4. Thanks for the info I just bought some spacers from prp just in case
  5. Ah nice. I heard there was no clearance issues but I wanted to make sure. now to compensate for the extra height I need to modify the down pipe, intercooler piping, and radiator hoses correct?
  6. Hi everyone sorry to bring this back up Just had a question will there be clearance issues with the bonnet and the block. I have the z tune hood not sure if that makes a difference thanks in advance
  7. Totally an option if it wasn’t an arm and a leg to ship the motor from there to here. I was looking at a spool short block at one point
  8. I had a built rb26 with a t88. Unfortunately dumb shit started to happen and I got the car stolen and it came back with a blown motor and turbo. But I stumbled on a rb30 thank you for the information Do you have a link to the PDF on hand? Or a thread with your build?
  9. so probably been beaten to death, I apologize. so in a nutshell for a 30 swap in a r34 GTR. I would need to: get the awd adaptor drill a hole for an extra tensioner and make the crank collar longer? will the getrag bolt on directly to the motor? am I missing anything else? Are there instructions on where to drill the hole for the tensioner?
  10. Thanks for the info. I’m going to have to research this more!
  11. Oh for sure I was going to get the spool rebuild kit. I have hks vpro so yeah that’s going to get replaced. By oil pump drive how do the fix it?rather what needs to be done?
  12. damn I just moved away but I was in yamaguchi
  13. Hello all, I used to have an account on here and would post rarely mainly about faulty mfd's. Well I've owned a r34 gtr for 11 years. I had to leave Japan and moved to somewhere I could legally import my GTR. The car was supposed to get here in the last couple of years but the dickhead I left the car with to deregister my car and send to the ship decided to hold on to the car and thrash it. The guy 'supposedly' blew my motor and the garage he took it to told me they could repair the motor for 5000000 jpy. long story short, I get the car back destroyed. like, I'm finding cam cover bolts in the cam cover itself resting right next to the cam. My cams are no longer tomei I'm missing fuel parts I'm missing coil packs I'm just missing random things. So after I analyze the damage I can't find myself trusting the integrity of the motor despite prior to jumping on that Japan airline flight had the motor rebuilt, body shop repair, you know the anal things that we do to take care of our cars. So I think to myself who could work on a RB26 around here how much would it cost? I randomly stumble on a RB30 so now I wonder what I need to do to put it in my car. Now I talked to spool back in '17 and they told me I need to get the awd adapter plate and drill a hole for a tensioner. Is this all I need to do? So pretty much I take this block, slap that plate on, slap my head (with all the correct parts) on, bolt up my getrag to it, fabricate I/c pipes and radiator hoses for it and it should be good? What else am I missing? thank you for your feedback and advice! -L
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