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  1. Found these guys recently, they might be able to help you out https://www.sheptrans.com/product/sheptrans-transfer-case-rebuild-nissan-skyline-gt-r-r32-r34/
  2. Wouldnt i notice this in oil consumption? There is in fact a bit of oil in the intake but afaik thats pretty normal... per season/ ~2000km i need to fill up like 250ml of oil.
  3. Yup, thats what i was thinking... so i connected the WG bleed line back to intake with a new hose, just straight over the engine bay and it didnt change a thing so no restriction...
  4. Hey guys, i got a weird problem with the boost on my BNR32 i cant really wrap my head around. The car came with a faulty solenoid so i just connected the two lines directly and the pressure rose to about 350/400mmhg mind you without restrictor. However if i just completely pull off the hose that connects IM and wastegates boost rises to about +7mark and then drops off in the high rpms to i guess +5/+6 on the gauge. What could be the problem? It should make, even with the lines connected, +7/1bar shouldnt it?! Maybe BOVs leaking/ circling? Had the bumper removed before and found no obvious leaks. Any help would be appreciated.. Cheers Max
  5. Hi guys, i have weird problem with the 4wd on my R32. Everytime i restart the car in warm condition the 4WD wont work, light in the dash stays on, computer in the rear says error code 18. I tried restarting the engine several times but it keeps staying on. Only after i let the car cool down completely it will go out like its supposed to. I can also hear (or not hear) the pump working when ignition is on/ making this "click" sound every now and then. The oil in the reservoir is at max. Does anyone of you have an idea on this? How should the front torque gauge behave in general? Mine only starts moving when i go full throttle and goes to about ~5 on the gauge. The car came from japan bout 2 months ago and is afaik mainly stock, no torque splitter etc. Cheers Max
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