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  1. As per turboedsloth comments. Mine blew 3rd when already in gear and putting load on coming out of corner. Not stronger than GTR gears and ratios help for staying on boost in 2nd at 4000rpm and 60km/h. Probably okay for 600hp on road tyres, but not 600+kW on full slicks. Also only 70% engagement on spline of front twin plate clutch plate. I used Redline Shockproof medium weight oil. Looking at Samsonas option now. Cheers
  2. I am in the process of attempting this at the moment. I have the a D22 VG30 $WD box partly stripped next to my R33 GTR box also partly stripped (especially most of the teeth on 3rd gears) The D22 box has longer input and output shafts so I am stripping the 2 boxes to see if I can put the gearsets from the D22 into the GTR box 🤔 . Let me know if you want to hear whether it works out. Cheers
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