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  1. RP71C #1 - has same diameter gears but thinner gears RP71C #2 - has same diameter gears but thicker gear... so which I Good to use
  2. No it’s not in eBay.. It is written on the gear box I just want to know what is the difference between both RP71C #1 and RP71C #2
  3. Hello just wan to know what is the difference between RP71C #1 and RP71C #2.
  4. Thanks Guys for your advices... definitely help me out. Time for engine upgrade.. cheers
  5. Well Im using this car for 1/4 Mile drags race in Fiji Islands. I took a advice from someone to install a SAFC II where it can be tuned... can it be tuned or need more or other options
  6. I have installed After market Fuel pump 255LPH with FPR and I have Install AFR Gauge. Just wondering if it can be tuned.
  7. My skyline R33 from Fiji Islands
  8. Hello My Skyline R33 Four Door from Fiji Islands
  9. Hello I need help in tuning SAFC II which is installed in RB25de non turbo. Can any help
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